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  1. davis5050

    Put new SIM card in iPhone and now it says it is not activated?

    I took my sim card out from my other phone and put it into my iPhone it was activated before i put it in there and now it says i have to activated it but it wont let me. What do i do? Someone please help!
  2. davis5050

    document veiwrs Excel?

    Does anyone know of any document veiwer or anything along those lines like excel that you can download on the i phone? and transfer information from your home computer to there? Thank you
  3. davis5050

    3GS iPhone prepaid?

    I have a iPhone 2g and it is currently on a att pick your plan and it works ok. What i was wondering is if the 3g s will work for me if i put my sim card in it. I called them but they give me diff answers everytime. Any one know?
  4. davis5050

    iPhone 2g, phone part messed up?

    I have first gen iPhone and for some reason everything on it works fine but when i use the phone part or the visual voicemail function it blacks out to fast to hang up or listen to the vm. Did many restores and still not right. Any ideas?
  5. davis5050

    can any1 tell me the diff?

    I have iPhone 1 with 2.2 on it, j/b. Now, what is the real diff between what I have and the 3g other than it being 3g? (which i can't get in my area) Just wanted to know before I extended my contract with AT&T by 2 years. :gasp:
  6. davis5050

    question, not sure where to post

    I have the first iPhone on AT&T, I want to get the 3g and give my old phone to my boyfriend who is also on AT&T. First, will he be able to use it with his sim card? Two, will we be able to have two iPhones set up on one PC? (we only have one with internet). Three mine current iPhone is...
  7. davis5050

    Will 3G result in better reception?

    I read somewhere that the reception will be better on the new iPhone, is this true? Does it refer to just when on 3g or for calls or what?
  8. davis5050

    2.0 update?

    I did the search and maybe i'm blind but I can't find anything that tells me what is comeing in the 2.0 update. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  9. davis5050

    Which jailbreak?

    I use ziPhone but was curious as to which method is best. I mean what makes one better than the other?
  10. davis5050

    Why can you text on EDGE, but not on WiFi?

    Why is it you can text on edge but not wifi? Also why is it that you can text while on a call but can't use safari?
  11. davis5050

    I have two ?s

    1-Will there be an update for iPhone 1 when the 3g comes out? Maybe this has already been answered and I haven't seen it. If so then i'm sorry. 2-Is tmobile the only other carrier that you can unlock the iPhone for? Maybe verizon or someone else? Do they have to use a sim card? Sorry that...
  12. davis5050

    intelliscreen issue

    I have had intelliscreen for about a week and for some reason yesterday it stoped working. I checked to be sure it is enabled and it is but it isn't working. Also it says there is a update but its not in the installer update list. AND my wallpaper on my springboard (not lockscreen) won't set...
  13. davis5050

    Cool Stuff with OpenSSH

    Is there a guide on here for some stuff people can do like, change font colors and lock bar words? Things like that now that I figured out how to ssh.
  14. davis5050

    Strange Prob Need Advice

    Well for some reason my never lock keeps locking and I uninstalled vwallpper and I keep getting flames. Is there anything I can do other than restore to fix this?
  15. davis5050

    I Need Help

    I have been looking on here for 2 days on how to get my email to work again. I have tried everything that I have read so far nothing works. I use Yahoo and it worked fine till I updated to 1.1.4 and jailbroke with ziPhone. That was 2 days ago. Help me please someone?
  16. davis5050

    Cool Sources

    Can someone give me a small list of some of the best sources out there? There is one that I cant remember exactly. ride4 something something. Thank You in advance anyone that helps!
  17. davis5050

    app store broke

    Can anyone tell me if I am gonna have to do a restore? Everytime I try to open it, it crashes so I can't get into it at all. Im on 1.1.3. Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. davis5050

    Can I use this to break a 1.1.4 iPod touch? If so or not can someone tell me what I need to do? I have tried ziPhone to no avail.
  19. davis5050

    400 icons! How?

    Can anyone tell me how to get to those 400 icons that come in some of the packages that we download?
  20. davis5050

    Help! Refresh Issues

    My phone is takeing up to an hour to refresh its sources through installer. Can anyone tell me why and if I can change it?