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    External Hard Drive

    Which one do you think is the best 500 GB External hard drive for a decent price?
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    iPhone Update Check

    One thing I found really odd was that yesterday the 17th iTunes said it would check for iPhone updates on the 18th. However, now today the 18th, it says it will check for updates tomorrow. Could this be a sign because usually it checks once a week?
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    What computer do you have?

    My family has four computers. 1. 20" white iMac with 2.00 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor with 1 gig ram and 250 GB HardDrive. Mac OS X Tiger. It is the white model, but it works fabulously and I don't plan on getting the new iMac. I use this for all my movie and music and school work. (the...
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    Getting a new Mac book pro!

    Why doyouwant to dthat?
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    Transformers. Saw it last night.

    Ithought this movie was awesome and shia actually did a very good job IMO:2cool:
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Thanks again. I'll probably end up trying the mod out. I forgot that even if the iPhone freezes with the mod,I can restore the original settings
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Thanks a lot. I'm just feeling a little scared to do it because I'm afraid my iPhone might turn into a brick. Is this a big risk?