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    Backup to new iPhone

    I have an iPhone 4 at 5.1.1 (jb) on its last legs. It is constantly freezing, giving me errors. I want to switch to another iPhone 4 on 7.1.4 (jailbroken). How can I get all my settings and data to the new phone? Do i need to update the 5.1.1 to iOS 7 before I can back up the data to restore it...
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    How can i do a fresh install 5.1.1

    I have an iPhone 4 on 5.0.1 i want to update to 5.1.1 (not iOS 6.1). I have the 5.1.1 ipsw but the new version of iTunes isn't letting me restore to a local ipsw it is trying to automatically download and install 6.1 how can i get it to install 5.1.1
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    Updated Cydia Apps, iPhone Became Unusable

    I have a major problem with my iPhone. Earlier today I went into Cydia and clicked to update all apps. It had about 6 updates available, one of which I noticed was mobile substrate. I don't update Cydia apps frequently because "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Well after the phone rebooted to...
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    MacBook Pro Weird Problem on the Apple Website

    Hey, I'm having a very weird problem with the Apple website. This may not be the appropriate sub-forum for this, but it seemed to make the most sense. I am having an issue on the page for the Macbook Pro. It is the page if you go to, click "Mac", then "MacBook Pro". At...
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    Thinking about getting an iPad

    Hey everyone. Sorry if this is the wrong section for this thread but it seemed appropriate. Here's the deal. I really want to get an iPad, however money is a big concern. Because of that I was thinking my best option would be buying a used iPad 1 (or iPad 2) via craigslist. I understand there...
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    Looking for good house phones

    Hey I am looking for a good set of house phones for our home. What I am looking for is a one CORDED phone which will go in our kitchen (corded so it will never leave the kitchen) and 5 cordless phones that match it. These phones should all be able to intercom each other (even the corded phone)...
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    Carrier Settings Update

    Hello, I just got a message "Carrier Settings Update: New Settings are available for your iPhone. Would you like to update them now?". with the choices "Not now" or "Update". I am jailbroken so I am afraid what will happen if I update? Should I not do it? EDIT: Sorry it's a Verizon iPhone 4
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    I jailbreaked my iPhone the other day and I got an app in my phone called "Loader". I used that to install Cydia, but idk if I need Loader anymore or can I uninstall it? The only thing that shows up when I open loader is the link to install Cydia so I'm pretty sure I don't need it.
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    Five Icon Dock

    Hey y'all. I just got an iPhone 4 today (Verizon model) and I am rooted now. I am trying to allow for five icons on the dock, so I looked in Cydia and searched for "Five Icon Dock", but according to the description, it is only for iPhone OS 3. What can I use to get this on the iPhone 4? Does...
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    Just Got My iPhone 4

    Hey y'all. Just got my iPhone 4 from the Fedex guy. I am trying to set it up and everything, and eventually jailbreak it. What should be my first step? I plugged it in and started iTunes and it's asking me to register the iPhone. I'm not sure if I should do this - will this update my iPhone and...
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    Screen Protector/Phone Cases

    Hey y'all. I just ordered my iPhone for VZ, I was wondering what you guys think about getting screen protectors/cases for phones... I am currently using a Motorola Droid and I have had it for a year (without either) and I keep it in pretty good condition though. I want a phone that can fit my...