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    iPhone To Nexus One

    I put my iPhone on att suspension ($!0mo)til the next iPhone comes out or is announced. can still iPod touch-it on wifi while enjoying the unlocked N1 on tmobile. Apple will have to wow me
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    Tried Jailbreaking: how do i tell if its now a paperweight

    Have u tried (while connected to iTunes)... Holding power for 5sec continue holding power but hold home also for 10sec release power but continue holding home for 30sec shouldd have a black screen and response from computer. Keep playing with that sequence timing is important
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    blackra1n is released

    DO.......NATE! The man is my hero lol! Sweet easy process on 3.1.2 Windows XP........even after accidentally rebooting during Cydia download......
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    Tasks / ToDo's

    Naaah , Appigo's ToDo: the class of the bunch. Does much more and just as elegantly as Things. Has a push update ready for Apple release.
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    For those with bad battery life, a fix

    Fact is the battery on the 3GS sucks. Worst of any iPhone so far. Bad thing 1: Apple doesn't use a battery with more charge. Bad thing 2: Apple makes the big announcement that the battery is better. Dumb asses.
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    browsing sites in mobile format sucks

    Big bump on that!
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Cool!....join the 3GS happy club!
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    Palm Pre competition? hahahaha

    Absolutely ....I'd replace iPhones OS with Pre's in a second...does some sweet stuff....but keyboard's an instant deal breaker (the 650's was nice), as is the general build, and screen size.
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Huh, then walked outside, did a speed test...was1500+ download, then: 1900+ download. No sh**.(I don't do speedtests much but it was 550-650 last week). Maybe AT&T started something this Monday morning.
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    LOL...OK...I don't know what the F is going on but...seriously, this thread motivated me to walk to Sprint on way to Chipottle,.( was gonna send screenshots of 3G, and a pic of pre )..cleared the caches..and did a simultaneous start on 5 of my heavy sites, and do you know that the 'S' won 4 of...
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    And by the way I LOOOVE the 3G S. ...and speeds fine. No way I'd trade it for the Pre. But not because if speed or OS (Id exchange that in a second...does so many sweet things). But it's cause of keyboard (no way for a power user); smaller screen, battery, and overall build...doesn't...
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    That's whY I'm at today... Hey could u time the Download speed of this!
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    That's funny...been 6-700 for 3 days. Just tested after I saw your note: 1373kbps I prefer real world tests: time to download
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Read carefuly..I said I tested on both wifi and 3g. Full bars on the iPhone.... Pre's just faster. Go into a sprint store in strong signal area and test. My 3G's consistantly at 550-750kbps
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    Palm Pre competition? hahahaha

    If I could replace the iPhones OS with the Pre's I do it in a second . That thing is suhweeet.
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    I'm in near north downtown a city that AT&T is apparently testing it's 7.6 Mg data speed network.....either way the Pre and iPhone were in the same place....Pre is plain faster than iPhone using wifi...and more on 3G
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Apple propaganda machine will sway tons of folks out there tho, hand it to em! Still appreciate the speeds the device does have now tho
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    The "S" is for SPEED!

    Keep in mind that's an apple-centric site. I had the pre for 2 weeks and those were NOT the results. I use 5-6 large sites, and the pre time to download kicked my present 3G S's butt...(ex: everythingicafe, pre was always done 3-7sec before my 3G s)...go into a sprint store and check it out. I...
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    Are you going to Jailbreak your 3GS?

    Jailbreak IS good to go for 3G S. BUT....I would really read the thread in the hacking forum about how many apps don't work or work right. I've jailbreakd many times but wont be for a while.
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    2010 iPhone to have Multicore Processor?

    Could someone please tell me....what in effect does this multicore have on the functioning of the iPhone. Thanks