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    Duh. Works great now, thanks for the help.
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    Anyone tried this today? Seems I can only use the web browser now, anything that uses a different port other then 80 won't work. Tried under OSX and Windows. It worked last week just fine. Wonder if AT&T is blocking stuff now due to 3.0 or whatever.
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    Service Discount

    So, I have a iPhone 3g and a regular old cell phone on my AT&T Family Plan. I get a discount on service since my employer gets a corp discount. All good there. My old iPhone 2g is just sitting here not used so I figured I would set it up for the wife to use. I plugged it in to my mac and...
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    iPhone (2g) question.

    Ok thanks. Was hoping it would let her use it as a phone/text but no data just to see if she likes the feel. Oh well.
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    iPhone (2g) question.

    So, I picked up a new iPhone 3g and still have my old one. My wife has a regular AT&T cell phone. If I took her Sim Card out and stuck it in the old iPhone, what would happen? Would anything work?
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    Call failed!

    Yes I leave my 3g off. If I leave it off, I get 3 days battery life. If I leave it on I get 11 hours battery life so ..... :)
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    WTF..this phone is garbage

    yes, I was gonna say, there is already one pending lol. Im not gonna go into details but I will say my V1 had a lot less issues them my new 3g has. I have patients tho, so I am willing to hang on and see if Apple can get things fixed.
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    Has anyone given up on 3G?

    Lets see. Apps would not run the other day when I picked it up. It would just go back to the main screen. Turned it off and on and same issue. Tried to download a new app, installed it, and then all the rest started working. My old iPhone, with the way I use it, would last 3 days before I...
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    Case ... etc

    Just picked up my black 16g iPhone. Looks good so far but I guess I should inspect it closely for cracks. One thing I am ticked off about is the case I ordered for it. My old phone has a iSkin Revo, so I went to the Revo site and they had one for the new phone, as they said the old case was...
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    iPhone 3G Cases Customer Review Section

    Anything out there similar to the iSkin Revo? I love the one on my V1 but I guess they don't have one for the G3 model yet.
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    Not able to download 2.0

    yes same here. Says I am current with the 1.x version :P Oh well. Not pissed, but do feel sorry for Apple. There usually pretty good about getting things out and going on time.
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    3G data plans...?

    Unlimited Data will be a additional $30.00 on top of your voice plan (lowest is $39 a month) Text messages (SMS) will be $5 for 200 messages. They have not announced anything more then the 200 (like I have 1500 on my plan) yet so who knows. I could end up paying: 39+30+30=99 for all I know...
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    What Apps Are You Getting...?

    Not sure yet, hope AOL or Yahoo make a Messanger App. I hate the web based ones.
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    List of things that Apple missed BIG TIME! MAJOR disappointment

    Gosh all I wanted was to be able to sync my to-do list. Was that asking to much LOL
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    Weren’t we supposed to get an update after the new OS came out?

    Probably sometime between when 10.5 was released and when 10.6 comes out :) Hopefully soon tho!
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    $100 cingular rebate?

    No rebate messages for me and I checked online and nothing as well. Wonder why you got this? What does it say for the reason next to it?
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    Can I sync iPhone across platforms?

    I sync to my mac at home and pc/windows at the office. I have it set to sync everything at home, contacts/calander/music/video but just calander/contacts at work. Seems to be fine.
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    New Features in Next update

    iChat and Sync Tasks is all I want /cry
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    yes yes, along with iChat and the ability to sync your Task List! Can't wait! :P
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    T-Mobile Sidekick

    I know its not a iPhone but the new T-Mobile Sidekick allows pics/images to be sent along with text messages. I wish we had that feature.