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    What to do about Coolstar's up coming jailbreak for 11.3.1. If it happens

    Things are getting complicate fast. Here's my dilemma. I am on iOS 11.2.6 (iphone 7) using itunes enterprise Things are sweet except I miss my jailbreaks of old. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I update to iOS 11.3.1 for the jailbreak I'll loose being able to use the enterprise version...
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    Can't print from iphone 7 after update to ios11

    Has anyone had this problem? I've tried to print a document from several apps to my printer connected to my PC. When I hit "print" I keep getting the message "The security of the connection could not be verified" . I press OK but the message keeps coming back and locks up the iphone. I'm able...
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    Question about downgrading ios10.2 to 10.1.1

    In anticipatation of potential jailbreak on ios10.1.1 can I downgrade from 10.2 using the <shift>update button and selecting the older 10.1.1 (assuming apple is still signing it). If so will this keep all my apps and data?