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    Jive Talk offline for 2 days - what does this mean?

    I noticed the the iPhone portal for Jive Talk ---> has been offline for a couple of days. Does anyone have any ideas as to why? Here's to hoping that it's because with the forthcoming SDK announcement today that there will soon be a stand alone application available through...
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    Gmail goes IMAP

    Got it yesterday! I got it yesterday. I have had G-Mail for 3 years or so. I went into my settings and "Turned OFF" POP. Then when I logged out and came back in, the IMAP option was there. I posted this in another thread and it isn't working for other people. Must have been a coincidence in my...
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    GMail IMAP for those of you waiting for the option!

    I figured out how to get the IMAP option in GMail settings for those of you waiting. If you have POP enabled - go in and Disable it. Then log out of your account online. When you log back in, the IMAP option will be there under settings.:laugh2: You will have to delete your GMail account on the...
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    Gmail now with IMAP!

    IMAP Not available for all GMail It appears that IMAP is available for any new account. (just set up a new one and IMAP is there) My two old GMail accounts do not have the IMAP option available. I have had those accounts for more than 2 years. My wife's G-Mail account also had IMAP available...
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    Yahoo push email finally working?

    "Use Push" option No! The "Use Push" option has not always been there. It was added in the 1.1.1 update. My Yahoo! push has NEVER worked. Since the update, it now WORKS!:laugh2: I will watch it in the coming days and update again on how it goes. But everyone that is having problems needs...
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    1.1.1 and 3rd Party Apps?

    iPhoneringtonemaker not working (mostly) My ringtones assigned to contacts still work. But NONE of my made tones show up in the list. The restore function in the software does not work. I guess we have to wait for an iPhoneringtonemaker update to restore full functionality.
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    Does checking email count against minutes?

    Someone asked me this and I assumed the answer to be no... "When you are on the Internet or checking E-Mail, etc... do those minutes you are on the Edge Network count against your plan minutes (I have 900 for example)? " I assume the answer is "No" and that only voice calls count towards the...
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    Love the iPhone hate AT&T

    AT&T - so far so good I had Verizon for the last 5 years and their coverage here in ATL is the best. BUT, that being said, Atlanta is the home of Cing/AT&T and their coverage has definitely improved since my mom had them a couple of years ago. I don't know if it's having a Quad band phone or...
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    Thanks! I just used the iPhone Ringtone maaker software and started at the 13 sec mark for 30 seconds and dumped it to the phone. It sounds great! Thanks Again for the help!
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    iSkin Revo

    Nighthawk for me too... I got the Nighthawk also - I just hope they have enough - I don't care for any of the two toned ones....:embarrassed:
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    Jobs original iPhone ringtone?

    What portion did you crop for the ringtone? I purchased the track from the iTunes Store and I have the iPhoneringtonemaker software. Can you tell me what section of the song matches the commercial. If you used the software what was the beginning and end points of the tone? Thanks!
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    Should I take my iPhone back?

    iPhone Ringtone Maker Great program - works flawlessly!
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    E-Books on iPhone

    I use Audible.... I use Audible. I have been a subscriber for a couple years and they have the largest selection I'm aware of. The iTunes Store also has a decent selection.
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    SMS Messages?

    Probably a silly question, but before I get skewered on my bill..... I paid the extra $10 to go from 200 to 1500 SMS per month. Can these SMS be used to send messages to ANY cell phone? Most of my friends are on Verizon and I will be sending many more to VZW phones than AT&T. Thanks!