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  1. Bolygon57

    New phenomena

    I've been seeing this message on certain posts for a few months. I was living overseas when it started. Now that I'm back in the States, it's still continuing. There's no common thread between the posts this occurs on.... ANy ideas? Sent using iCafe app
  2. Bolygon57

    Pics taken with iPhone not transferring to iPad through iCloud

    I took some pics with my iPhone 4S...usually, they transfer through iCloud to my iPad 2. For some reason, it's not happening. Any ideas?
  3. Bolygon57


    I'm moving back to the US in a few months. I've got a brand new unlocked iPhone 4S. Can anyone recommend the best option for a carrier back there?
  4. Bolygon57

    iOS 6 and memory loss

    Ever since upgrading to iOS 6 on his iPad 2, my husband has been plagued with memory loss (not him, the iPad, lol). Within a few minutes of opening the iPad, it goes from full down To this point, the iPad is rendered useless and he has to get out and clear the system. Any ideas?
  5. Bolygon57

    Is it necessary?

    My husband’s iPad 2 is showing new software available...but it's 5.1.1. He never upgraded to it. It's not offering iOS 6. I never upgraded to 5.1.1 either, but 6 was offered to me...any ideas?
  6. Bolygon57

    Install iOS 6 on a download?

    Is it necessary to install iOS 6 on a clean install, or will a download work as well? I just bought a 4s and I'm waiting for iOS 6. I had a miserable experience going from iOS 3 to 4 on my 3gs and 5 slowed it down horribly...
  7. Bolygon57

    Other storage on iPad continues to increase

    I have 2 gig of other on my's been increasing in small increments... I gave 1 gig of other on my iPhone... Same as above....any thoughts on getting rid of other? Not fond of the uninvited use of my space.
  8. Bolygon57

    New iPhone SIM card

    Can anyone venture a guess as to whether the SIM in my unlocked 3GS will fit a new unlocked iPhone? I'm living outside the US and plan on buying the new phone in Sept when I'm back there...