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    red dots at the top left of 3G?

    I just noticed today there are three red dots to the left of the sensor at the top of the iPhone. They look like they might be able to light up. Has anyone else noticed this? I can't get it to show up in a pic.
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    new web apps ok Apple site. Does this mean 3G is coming?

    just saw that there is a ton of web apps on the Apple site. Given the fact that Apple knows how slow edge is why would they put so much effort into putting all these apps available? Unless Jobs has 3G up his sleeve?
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    Annoying Interference Sounds

    I know you are out there. How many of you are annoyed with the interference that the iPhone puts out. I will be laying on my couch watching a movie and my surround sound speakers get a LOUD interference from the iPhone. The same thing happens with my computer speakers. It drives me crazy. Has...
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    homescreen goes black after losing signal

    I have summerboard and a few apps. Everytime I put my phone in airplane mode or I lose service, I go back to the home screen and it is black except for the top status bar. I fix it by turning it off and on again but it is very annoying. Anyone have a fix for this?
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    I can't authorize my purchased iTunes songs after I got iTunes with iPhone

    after I set up my iPhone with iTunes I can no longer get all of my previously purchased songs. It says the computer isn't authorized. Then I authorize it and still can't access purchased songs. Whatever I purchased after iPhone will work. I've called iTunes and iPhone and they can't fix it after...
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    How to sync contacts and calendar from Treo to iPhone?

    I have an iPhone and want to sync my contacts and calendar from my treo 700p, but I don't have outlook. Does anyone know of any workarounds?