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    Jive Talk offline for 2 days - what does this mean?

    I noticed the the iPhone portal for Jive Talk ---> has been offline for a couple of days. Does anyone have any ideas as to why? Here's to hoping that it's because with the forthcoming SDK announcement today that there will soon be a stand alone application available through...
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    GMail IMAP for those of you waiting for the option!

    I figured out how to get the IMAP option in GMail settings for those of you waiting. If you have POP enabled - go in and Disable it. Then log out of your account online. When you log back in, the IMAP option will be there under settings.:laugh2: You will have to delete your GMail account on the...
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    Does checking email count against minutes?

    Someone asked me this and I assumed the answer to be no... "When you are on the Internet or checking E-Mail, etc... do those minutes you are on the Edge Network count against your plan minutes (I have 900 for example)? " I assume the answer is "No" and that only voice calls count towards the...
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    SMS Messages?

    Probably a silly question, but before I get skewered on my bill..... I paid the extra $10 to go from 200 to 1500 SMS per month. Can these SMS be used to send messages to ANY cell phone? Most of my friends are on Verizon and I will be sending many more to VZW phones than AT&T. Thanks!