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    Pwnage 2.0.2 Has Been Released

    How do you extract the program with file ext .tbz
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    Will Apple sell the iPhone 3G to ineligible customers

    When they speak of qualified customers they are refering to the credit check that everyone has to go through prior to purchasing an iPhone. If you are transfering your number from a different carrier to AT&T then you are considered a new customer and will get the phone at the reduced price if...
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    iPhone will check for an update on 6/9/08

    I just completed my sync and iTunes is telling me 06/11/08 :angry:
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    Double tap the home button while in "lock mode"!

    You are not alone Hey you are not alone I also never knew that but thanks for sharing the info:2cool:
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    Im updating right now