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    iCafe just ordered his first MAC! Macbook pro 13' should be coming tomorrow... Oh yeah and whattsup everyone been on a lil break but im back going through a divorce so yeah good day
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    The iSlate is going...

    In my car to replace my AVIC N3 GPS RADIO ... it will be the epic car radio /gps/media
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    If you miss me...

    Than you are freaking me out !
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    I wrote something, click here to read it.

    In the next sentence you can read what I wrote. Just bought myself a white 16 gb iPhone 3gs last night and all I can say is Wow
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    Good Websites

    The internet can, at times be very BORING You checked your facebook, you got your celebrity update from tmz , youve posted a few epic threads on EIC .. what is left? In this thread list your favorite sites to visit (Besides the Greatest site EIC) I will start it off...
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    New iPhone App to prevent Road Rage.

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    OPEN LETTER TO EIC from iCafe via iCafe

    So what is going on here lately. I see everone crying out for the likes of OJ and PEPE to come back to EIC. Do you all not appreciate that the legend iCafe is posting amongst you daily! I have never been banned you know why Because I am Smarter than the rest Better than the best And...
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    Steve Jobs -- Big Man on Campus ... Again

    UPDATE 10:03 AM: Apple stock is blowin' up -- it's now up 4.00 a share. UPDATE: Jobs' return seemed to be noticed on Wall St. -- right now (9:35 AM EST), the Apple stock is up 2.52 a share. Steve Jobs is back to an Apple a day -- and we've got the proof. iCafe obtained this photo of the...
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    Starry Gone?

    Her posts are not applicable...
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    Freeway's Beard

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    To the iCafe Soldiers:

    Hello my followers, drewshaw, FuelieNova, faseone, 520dvx, ChronoArk, jjvaldez, Maaz, offroadhunter, obourassa, powersrus, MrsCinderella, azsprty, leaken, adnurahs, Mickeylittle, macgirl, 603doug, Quake97, bass_lover1, Picazzo, termleech, vr76413, 401402, skidd, dmdrewitt, EGAR, mschmeder...
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    Is this a good idea?

    So I am in need of a new cell phone and I want the 3GS but due to the fact that i recently got the iPhone 3g i will have to pay full price for the 3gs I have an option of adding 7 extra lines to my family plan .. this is what i am thinking.. I currently pay 30 dollars plus tax a month for my...
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    Thinner iPhone (Next Gen)

    I never before had an issue with the size of the iPhone 3g that was until i found an ipod touch in a taxi cab last week 32gb second generation and Thin as a businesss card This thing just felt so amazing in my hand, slipping it in and out of my pocket I hope that they can somehow cram all...
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    If your reading this...

    If you are reading this... Than you like to eat bacon bits from your mothers belly button.
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    Windows alt tab replacement

    If your getting bored of your windows i came across this website, powertools and it adds some cool effects to windows I really like the alt tab in particular:
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    Ultrasn0w for 3G, OS 3.0 is out -- 3GS not yet
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    iCafe 2000 Post Reveal

    Nothing left to reveal but hey, I just got my post count to 2000 Does this mean i am a super genius? You probably thought i had 10,000 posts by now due to my legendary status but it is because my posts have such substance and value quality over quantity my friends Look at the impact i made...
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    The longest Non Run on sentence

    The longest Sentence (That is not a Run on Sentence) “Knowing that millions of people around the world would be watching in person and on television and expecting great things from him — at least one more gold medal for America, if not another world record — during this, his fourth and surely...
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    400 dollars = Free iPhones for LIFE!

    So i bought the v1 iPhone for 400 dollars I sold it on craigslist locally for 450 dollars 1week before the 3g came out I bought the 3g for 299 Now im going to sell it for 400 and use that money to cover the 3gS This is an awesome cycle .. theoretically I can upgrade my iPhone every year...
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    Review iPhone pricing. As a valued AT&T customer, AT&T can offer you an early iPhone upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee. You may qualify for a standard iPhone upgrade on 05/06/2010. $299.00* — 8GB iPhone 3G (black) $399.00* — 16GB iPhone 3G S (black or white)...