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    OMG my screen just totally cracked.

    Two things are ridiculous here: 1) That the iPhone is very susceptible to serious damage. I dropped mine from 3 feet onto a hard surface and the screen is cracked. How many other phones have a worse than 50% chance of being seriously damaged from a 3 feet fall? Not many as we all know. I...
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    Thank you for debunking that popular myth! What is odd about this situation is that Apple would accept cash for other stuff, but not the iPhone, which makes them look petty. I think it would be best for their purposes to stop selling them unactivated and gear up to do activation in the stores...
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    That's almost unbelievable and they can't get a way with it for long (if it's true). What they CAN do is stop selling them without them being activated first (i.e., like when you buy any other phone from AT&T). You would activate in the store as part of the transaction. That would legally...
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    iPhone's Security Rivals Windows 95 (No, That's Not Good)

    A lot of hype due to the high profile of the iPhone. Win95 security?! Give me a break. The comparison only applies to the issue of running applications as root. What about network security? The title makes it sound like Win95's network "layer" is comparable to OSX's when they are light...
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    spacebar double tap period doesn't work

    It's important to note that just tapping the space bar twice over any period of time doesn't necessarily work. You need to tap it twice in a short amount of time.
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    ringtones poll

    My requirement for a ring tone is that I hear it when someone calls. My phone comes with many such ring tones, so I never have a reason to install custom ones. How do you peeps live with your home and office phones for which you usually can't get custom ring tones? :tounge:
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    Genius practically laughs at me over screen issues.

    My experience with the "geniuses" so far has been positive (except for hating their name). They replaced my iPhone twice with few questions for display anomalies.
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    Genius practically laughs at me over screen issues.

    Doesn't sound like good conduct from a customer service type person. The whole "Genius" label is soo pretentious, it's unbelievable. I couldn't believe it the first time I went into an Apple store and saw that. Who else would call their product specialists geniuses?! No one; only Apple.
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    Woz signed my iPhone!

    Great story, congrats! I have great respect for this man. To help those who don't know who Woz is, his full name is Steve Wozniak. Now Google that :)
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    Turn your iPod Touch (or iPhone) into a 3G iPhone now! Step-by-Step Guide

    The author of the web article didn't have an iPhone, but an iPod Touch. He didn't "hook up" the Touch "into" the WM phone, but used WiFi to connect the two. Therefore, the author's solution is a great one to give iPod Touch 3G data capability on the go. I agree it would be silly to do this...
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    The True Sound of Sorrow

    @Lester56 I acknowledge your profound and serious experiences and wish you all the best. But, frankly, simply appreciating without wanting (and sometimes whining while wanting) things to be better is not how humankind works and is not how we advance. This is human nature and it is what got us...
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    For those thinking 1.1.1 will be jailbreaked...

    Well, you said the encryption issue has little to do with unlocking and that unlocking may well happen in a week. Tdegriez said the encryption was done to prevent unlocking. Seems like a straight contradiction and it would be interesting to hear how you arrived at your opposite conclusions given...
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    For those thinking 1.1.1 will be jailbreaked...

    My stability comment was about phone stability, not network stability. 3rd party apps can result in an unstable iPhone. It's a double-edged sword. Your seem to imply that the encryption will hinder unlocking which is the opposite of what tinman said. Can we have you guys debate this? :)
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    For those thinking 1.1.1 will be jailbreaked...

    Thanks for the info, Tinman. I have not had the time to follow any of the boards or the IRC channels this time around. This is pretty sad. I think Apple is doing this for a combination reasons: - Apple's generally closed nature - Protecting revenue for AT&T (and themselves) from applications...
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    I just discovered the button on the earphones...

    It helps to "read" the manual... I learned this before buying the iPhone by watching all the videos on
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    I just discovered the button on the earphones...

    Yes, I like the controls too. My gripe is that I wish the mic/button had rounded edges--it consistently catches on my shirt collar and tugs the the ear bud out of my ear.
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    firmware 1.1.1 is a joke... We'll be free soon enough

    Really? So if you soup up your car's engine at Joe's Performance Auto then take it to the dealership for service, it's ok if they intentionally damaged your car so that you couldn't use it ever again?
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    Confirmed downgrade of 1.1.1

    Yes, it's supposed to be.
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    firmware 1.1.1 is a joke... We'll be free soon enough

    LOL. I love it! :laugh2:
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    Apple gets an A+ for service

    What did they tell you?