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  1. Chancellor

    Quick AppleCare question

    Are we able to add this/buy this at any point? I initially took the TEP from sprint thinking I'd look at other plans, however it kind of slipped my mind lol. Anyone know if AppleCare has a time limit to purchase/add on? It just seems SO MUCH better :-).
  2. Chancellor

    iPhone 5 Otterbox Commuter

    Heya, I'm just looking to see others experiences with this case. I just put my commuter on and the power key is very very hard to press down. I know it needs to be broken in, but this feels very stiff compared to previous commuters I've owned. Also the left side of my rubber layer (where the...
  3. Chancellor


    Heya folks, I use these forums and the everything Android forums and was recently banned for spam? I didn't spam so I was wondering how I could get a hold of a mod. I can't seem to start a new conversation with the other page but I do know (unless my account got hacked) that I didn't spam! Any...
  4. Chancellor

    What stylus are y'all using?

    I just received my amazonbasic stylus, so far it's pretty damn nice lol. People were saying these "rubbery" tips were hard to swipe with, however I am loving this. Now..onto why I care lol, other rubbery tipped styluses with worse ratings exist for 80% cheaper lol. Just wondering what everyone...
  5. Chancellor

    How does someone

    How does someone post pictures to these forums from our iPad?
  6. Chancellor

    Keyboard for iPad 3?

    Hello everyone, I am considering buying a keyboard for my new iPad and was wondering how successful they have been? I'll probably try to make the swap from my MacBook to iPad 3 next year to reduce bag weight (schoolbooks are too darn heavy).
  7. Chancellor

    3G to iPhone 4 app transition

    Heya all, I bought beejive for my 3G and now have an iPhone 4. Can I swap it over or do I need to buy a new version?