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  1. njdevils1986

    iPhone 6 keyboard issue?

    Did a search on this topic and found nothing. When in "standard" mode the keyboard keeps going black (crashes?) when replying to texts and email. Emoji and (.?123) buttons are reversed when toggling between portrait and landscape. However when you select "zoomed" view in settings, it's much...
  2. njdevils1986

    What happened to everythingiCafe? No one posting anymore?

    Can't believe no one is posting on this site anymore!
  3. njdevils1986

    4S caller ID issue with Verizon solved!

    If anyone is having an issue with contact names not showing up during calls (number only) and you have Verizon as a carrier...issue is solved. If you look at your contact list and the numbers show up as 7325555555 not (732)555-5555 it's a roaming update issue. When receiving calls, only the...
  4. njdevils1986

    Has Anyone Noticed AAPL's Stock Today?

    Say what you want, fan or is taking it on the chin and will continue to do so until this ridiculous antenna issue is resolved :dft007:angry. A company as solid as Apple is supposed to be :dft002:amazed is in dangerous territory as far as PR goes. Down 2.13% today, just watch it for...
  5. njdevils1986

    Wireless n WiFi

    I apologize ahead of time if this topic has been discussed! I have searched the forums and can't find any info. I have the 3GS and the wifi is g not n, I was wondering if n was on the way or not? I have my router in the basement (concrete and steel studded walls) and my g connection on the first...
  6. njdevils1986

    Logmein Ignition reinstall?

    Had to exchange my iPhone (defective battery) and of course did not properly back up my apps! Does anyone know if you can download and reinstall the $29 app without paying for it again? I have a call into Logmein, who knows when they will call. Thanks!