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    Deciding between 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch

    I'm sure I'm like many people, thinking 38-women 42-men... I know it's a personal choice and what looks, feels and works best for you, but which way are you leaning? I'm 6'2 but skinny. I'm afraid that 42 will be huge and cheesy looking on my wrists and I won't be able to go to the Apple store...
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    Stuck sideways

    I have an iPhone 6 and this is the first iPhone I've noticed this on. It might be iOS 8 since I didn't install that on my previous one. The best way I can replicate the problem is by locking my phone while in text with the keyboard sideways. When you go to unlock, I have to flip the phone the...
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    Message says " would like to install iOS Update Enabler"

    What is this? I just had a popup message that said something about an update. I pushed download and install and got this. Sorry if this is normal, I'm used to getting updates over the air, but can't remember this. It doesn't look like something Apple would create.
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    My only iPhone 5 complaint

    I believe that this is the only thing that happens commonly and I hate. I've been bored and looking through the App Store for something to kill time with. I go through a bunch of apps, read through one and it sounds awesome... This item is over 50MB! Connect to wifi Well, I'm not around...
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    I hate this black, I want white!

    I'll just post pictures. First day I got the 5. Loved how light it was, but I knew it need protection. Bought a case Took it out of the case to examine it a week later: I don't know if you can see, but here's the new, innovative slate bezel after a weeks, incase use. Absolutely ridiculous...
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    Leaving WiFi on

    Ok. So leaving wifi on all the time drains the battery faster right? Because its always searching for networks? If you go somewhere that has wifi, you're going to go into settings and select it, right? So why doesn't this work like a smartphone and know the locations where you regularly use wifi...
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    No white iPhone 5 advertising?

    I ordered a black 64 GB on preorder night and I like it a lot so far. A lot. I had a black 4, white 4s and I'm thinking about exchanging for white. Before ordering this one i searched on and barely saw any white iPhone pictures so I figured they were really pushing black. Now, there...
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    LTE St. Louis

    I live in St. Charles and I am not getting LTE even though I'm covered on the map. Anyone else in STL here? I was at the UPS office tonight if that's relevant :P. love the 5 besides having to use wifi at AT&T BROADBAND SPEEDS OF 4.2 Mbps. Dumb
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    i have a question. i was wondeing if anyone has seen a metronome i can get and put onto my phone. it be awesome if it were an app, but i am just looking for something. Please help if anyone does know a place to get one at... Thanks so much:laugh2:
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    talking and listening to music

    i just found out some weird feature. Last night i was talking with my girlfriend and i got a little bored so i pushed the home button and tapped on the ipod. i pushed play and there comes the music, and she was still talking and i could talk back. i thought it was a good feature if you were put...
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    st. louis

    i just called the mall in st. louis and the said they arent allowing campers. what? has any other mall said this to people? do you just think the mall is saying this to TRY to stop it....idk... any thoughts