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  1. saige1r

    can't connect to iTunes store

    So I was trying to download a free off of that free app website, but I keep getting an error on my iPhone 4 that it can't connect to the iTunes store. So I tried downloading it on my macbook and get an error saying "We're sorry, we cannot complete your request on the iTunes Store at this time...
  2. saige1r

    Lastest firmware on new iPhones

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew for sure if all new iPhones have the newest firmware (iOS 4.0.2)? I was thinking of selling my 16GB and getting the 32GB one, but if I can't jailbreak, then I figure I'll live with mine for now.
  3. saige1r

    Pledge on iPhone

    Alright, so my Boxwave rhino case was causing the edges of my Zagg shield to curl up in a few spots, and eventually it led to the damn shield rolling up partially in my jeans pocket. Needless to say, my front screen is now naked, and... I actually kinda like it that way. Looks so much clearer...
  4. saige1r

    volume not working

    Has this happened to anyone else? Sometimes when I pull out my headphones, my speaker will stop working. I'm not sure if it's related to jailbreak or not, but I only noticed it AFTER jb'ing. It also happened on my 3G, which was also jb'd. Thoughts please?
  5. saige1r

    Safe mode after restart

    I'm not sure when this started happening, but I first noticed it after I installed BossPrefs. Basically what's happening is immediately after I reboot my iPhone, it crashes and goes to safe mode and I have to respring. I tried uninstalling BossPrefs since it doesn't work anyway, but that...
  6. saige1r

    iPhone + snorkeling

    I'll be going to Hawaii in September and was wondering if anyone here has ever tried this? I've seen waterproof cases before at REI but never had the guts to try one out. I'd really like to get some nice underwater HD video while I'm on vacation, so if anyone could help me out here, it'd be...
  7. saige1r

    iPhone 4 prone to dropping

    I have since dropped my iPhone 3 times since receiving it on the 23rd. I have the zagg shield so it's more grippy than stock but that doesn't seem to help much. I dropped my 3G iPhone maybe 5 times in the 2+ years that I had that. One of those drops actually managed to crack the case near the...
  8. saige1r

    Invisible shield full coverage fixes reception

    Alright so I was testing out the whole reception issue thing and it did in fact affect me. However, last night I installed my invisible shield and now the bars do not drop any more. I get full bars indoors no matter how I hold the phone. Anyone else notice this? Btw this the shield that covers...
  9. saige1r

    Upside down photos

    So I was looking through some old pics from my 3G iPhone that I had saved on iPhoto and then synced to my iPhone 4 and now some of my pics are upside down. Anyone else notice this? Is there an easy fix? I'd prefer not having to edit and save each photo as new because I'd like to keep the original...
  10. saige1r

    iTunes not detecting iPhone

    Hi all, Last night I discovered that I needed to upgrade my first gen MacBook to use iTunes with my new iPhone. (I was a bit too excited about the new iPhone to read that I needed OS X 10.5.8 or later). Anyway, I go out and get the upgrade, install it and all of a sudden iTunes doesn't see my...