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  1. MacDaddy

    Can't find compatible Bluetooth earpiece for iPhone

    I have tried many BT earpieces, and I can say that the Aliph Jawbone is head and shoulders above the rest. the one way to improve on it is to get a custom ear mould made for it. I had one done by Avery Sound ( ) The result is that it fits so well that I don't need the ear loop...
  2. MacDaddy

    Ear adaptor for iPhone Bluetooth

    Perfect earpiece fit Hello, just wanted to chime in. I have what I consider to be the perfect bluetooth earpiece combination for my iPhone, having tried most of them. I have an Aliph Jawbone with a custom earpiece made by . This isn't the cheapest combination, but the fit is...
  3. MacDaddy

    Car Dock/Cradle, Where's iPhone buckled in your ride?

    I have found the Dension Icelink Plus to be an excellent solution for my iPod, and was delighted to find it works for my iPhone (you have to say no when it asks about going in to airplane mode). Audio out is great, and you can control iPod functions from your headunit, but I prefer to set it to...
  4. MacDaddy

    Has anyone been able to transfer Palm 680 contacts & calendar to iPhone on Mac

    Former Treo 680 user on a Mac I used to use a treo 680, but it has been relegated to a part time GPS navigation tool until Apple makes a GPS solution that works with a Bluetooth GPS dongle and Google Maps (soon I hope). I will also be using my Treo 680 again with a Pay As You Go SIM when I go...
  5. MacDaddy

    Confirmed iPhone works with Alpine car stereo iPod hookup

    Dension IceLink Plus As I stated in the iPhone Accessory thread, I have the Dension IceLink Plus, and it works brilliantly with the iPhone on most stereo head units.
  6. MacDaddy

    Jawbone headset?

    I just have to say that I have had quite a few BT headsets, and the Aliph Jawbone is the only one worth bothering with. I drive around New York quite a lot in my 1970 London Taxi, which sounds somewhwre between a tractor and a tank inside, and people can't even tell that I'm in a vehicle...
  7. MacDaddy

    Going case-less. Do you dare?

    Caseless grip solution I have been lurking on this site since shortly after it started, and I've been fiending after an iPhone since before it was announced, even more after the keynote in January. I have been a long time Treo user (600, 650, 680) and a rabid Apple evangelist since I had my...