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  1. jerrettpaul

    Why is my jailbreak acting up?

    Here is my situation..... ....I jailbroke my phone recently using a Mac, and began to have some minor problems with it (getting hung up in boot logo) so I restored. Up until the restore i had no problems, and the reason I had to restore was my fault completely. After the restore i...
  2. jerrettpaul

    New MacBook and Jailbreaking

    I'm not even considering doing this, but just for future the new macbook with leopard 10.5.6 capable of RESTORING a jailbroken iPhone? I know it is not capable of JAILBREAKING an iPhone. EDIT: for clarification.....i HAVE used the search tool in the forum for this question...
  3. jerrettpaul

    Pwnage "no firmware bundle found!"

    I jailbroke my first gen iPhone a LONG time ago using i'm not familiar with Pwnage, and I'm a little rusty. I have a quick question I was hoping someone could help with... When i plug my phone into pwnage and get to the second step (searching for the firmware) pwnage tells me: "no...
  4. jerrettpaul

    Facebook App?

    does anyone know how to write on somebodies wall? surely they didn't forget to make that feature possible!
  5. jerrettpaul

    If I'm jailbroken, does it mean my iPhone is unlocked?

    Here is my question, I have used apptapp to jailbreak my phone. i have some third party apps on there such as NES emulator and mobileRSS. does this mean that my phone is unlocked, or does "unlock" mean that the phone has been unlocked and can be used with another phone? Does...
  6. jerrettpaul

    Does apptapp work ok with the new version of iTunes?

    im thinking of updating iTunes to its newest version. does apptapp work ok with this version?
  7. jerrettpaul

    News Application?

    does anyone know of a good news application? if so let me know, and if someone cares to develope a good one (if it doesn't exist already) more power to you, id use it an appreciate it fo sho!:laugh2:
  8. jerrettpaul

    so dockswap turned into customize?

    and now you can change your carrier logos through that? am i understanding this correctly?
  9. jerrettpaul

    Changing the Battery

    so, i found where to do it. do i have to change ALL of the .png files, including the FILL.png files? also, if i want to change the slider TEXT, just the text, where can i do that? thanks!
  10. jerrettpaul

    conan is on!!

    that mean's I'm out! Go watch it!
  11. jerrettpaul

    summerboard 2.11

    has anyone tried it? How is it?
  12. jerrettpaul

    EEEEK! help!

    ok i know this is strenuous but it would be a HUGE help. i was trying to change my SMS colors and i accidentally changed the wrong .png file. unfortunately i cant remember what it was but it made my SMS page look terrible. if anyone could post a list (or email me one) of all of the .png...
  13. jerrettpaul

    Can anyone help me with terminal?

    I'm new to terminal. I have it installed on my iPhone, but unfortunately have no idea how to use it. Say for instance i want to change my SMS text icon. Can you use terminal to do this? and if so, how would i use terminal to do this? if anyone could help i'd really appreciate it! :)
  14. jerrettpaul

    Not sure how to put NES ROMs on iPhone?

    When i started modding a few days ago all i wanted was the NES emulator. i wanted to be able to play those games on my phone. well i have the emulator and i have been trying consistently to figure out how to put ROMs on it. i'm completely lost. i don't have ibrickr and i'd rather not use...
  15. jerrettpaul

    Last post i promise

    Im sorry to be so persistent but my final question is this. i have the NES emulater, now how do i get games on there? thanks for the patience, ill get the hang of this evetually.
  16. jerrettpaul

    Bsd Subsystem!

    I need help understanding the BSD subsystem. What does it do? How do i use it? Also how do i change my dock and icons? Thanks a lot for the help everyone. You've all been excellent!
  17. jerrettpaul

    Where do I get NES emulator?

    its not on AppTapp installer. where do i find it? and how do i put it on the installer?
  18. jerrettpaul

    Modding my phone. advice?

    So, I know how to mod my phone through ibricker. I'm pretty certain I can do it no problem. But, what are the risks? Does modding your phone void your warranty? My mom bought me an Apple care plan extended warranty for my birthday, and I would hate for it to go to waste because I modded my...