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  1. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    iPhone 3G getting hot on back?

    Hi Everyone, I have an iPhone 3g that I purchased new from the Apple Store last May or so. I have babied it since I have had it and over the past 2 weeks something has me a bit concerned. When I have the phone in standby (just click the button to get it on not the power switch) the back...
  2. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    How to update to latest version?

    Hi Everyone, I have never updated my iPhone and was trying to use the DirecTV application from the store. It says it is not compatible with my iPhone software version. How the heck do I update it to the newest version? I am not jailbroken/unlocked...don't plan on doing it either...
  3. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    How long for App store reviews to show up?

    Hi folks! Hope everyone is well and ready for the New Year! I have a quick question that is a bit puzzling. I have submitted about 5 reviews on applications I use via the App Store. I know they have to be reviewed as the site states, but how long does it take to see the reviews that I...
  4. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    DESPERATE! HELP PLS...iPhone locked up cant reset

    Hi Everyone, Well I tried loading Vsnax video player and I just watched a discovery channel video. Unfortunately for me I cannot turn off the program or reset anything. It is stuck on the page and nothing is working. I have tried resetting it by the power button but nothing is happening at...
  5. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    TV clips? From news websites?

    Hi Everyone, Are there any websites that show TV/Video clips that view well on the iPhone? Yahoo videos do not show probably because they are not encoded correctly. Anything would be appreciated....I will be spending some time in the hospital and would love to be able to see things on the...
  6. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    Application to transfer files to the iPhone from PC? Photo viewing?

    Hi Everyone, I would like everyone's opinion on an application that would be able to transfer files to the iPhone from the PC. I would like to be able to transfer photos and such to the iPhone without having to use iTunes (I am not a fan). Also, is there a way to transfer photos to the...
  7. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    Help with TV on iPhone? DirecTV? Internet TV?

    Hi Everyone, I still am loving my iPhone and am amazed at the abilities this puppy has! I have researched here and on other sites but I am having troubles coming up with a solution...if one view TV on my iPhone 3g. Here is my dilemna....I have DirecTv and have 2 HD DVRs...
  8. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    iPhone Software version 2.2, How Long? Help Pls!

    Hi Folks!Well version 2.2 is out....with that being stated, I am trying to update the phone via iTunes and it is taking FOREVER! When I started the update, I followed the download/install and it is still hooked up (15 min so far)...update is greyed out and the phone is a black screen.How long...
  9. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    Hard Drive Failure! What about my iPhone/iTunes?

    Hi Everyone,Well she bit the dust!Hard drive failed on my laptop...and now I have to reinstall everything on a new drive!What happens now with my iPhone and iTunes? Since it is all gone what should I do? Will the iPhone dump all the apps/songs/photos to iTunes?OMG...I should have had an...
  10. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    Making a call...problem? Anyone else have this?

    Hi Folks, Today was a bit cruddy for me. Work was a hassle and at the worst time my phone for some reason would not call.... Here is what happened: Phone was at 100% charge. Tried dialing a phone number....hit the numbers then hit call.....heard nothing for 20 seconds or so and the screen...
  11. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    Transferring Photos? With iTunes? Any way without?

    Hi Everyone, Unfortunately for me this laptop is about dead.....mobo being replaced tomorrow..... I have 4 GB of pictures that, due to my inattention, have not been backed up in any way shape or form:angry:! Can anyone tell me how long it would take to transfer these to the iPhone...
  12. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    Easy Mail vs EasyWriter

    Hi everyone! I have tried both....which do you prefer and why? Regards, :smile:
  13. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    When typing email phone starts deleting everything?

    Hi Everyone, Well I was composing an email three times today and gave up. After I had 3 paragraps worth or so, the letters started rapidly deleting as if I was hitting the backspace key a hundred times or so. Has this happened to anyone else? Regards, :smile:
  14. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    Help with SEARCH function?

    Hi everyone, Please bear with me but I am really in need of some assistance... I cannot decipher the search functions on this website. Maybe its just me or my lack of forum usage as a whole but I have some serious joke.... When I am searching for things I don't necessarily...
  15. GeeGawGadgetGuy

    How to give thanks?

    Hi everyone, Just a newbie question here, but I cannot find anything on "how do you give thank someone"...... How can I give "thanks" to someone for help in this forum? Regards, :smile: