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    Wondering whether to upgrade my iPod

    Hey, my iPod Touch 1st GEN is currently using 1.1.5 software and I am wondering whether to update it or not by paying £5.99 (£) for the software 2.2. I was just wondering is it worth it (anyone done it) and can I get games and applications from the store which actually will go on my iPod...
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    iMac Create RAR Files

    Hey, I use UnRarX to extract all my RAR files, but I want to create RAR files and UnRarX can't do this :( So does anyone know a program that can do this for me (Something similar to WinRar for Windows) and yes I have tried WinRar for the iMac, but I didn't understand it. Thanks :)
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    iMac How to make a video for Youtube

    I am wanting to know how to make video which i can upload on to Youtube on the Apple iMac. I used to use Windows Movie Maker on my laptop with Vista, but now I can't figure out how to do it on the iMac. I want to add a picture then a music song running over that. Thanks
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    iMac Good Burning Program & Question About Caps Lock

    Does anyone know a good burning program which burns music to CD's and movies to DVD's such as ConvertXToDVD for Windows? And does anyone else have the problem when typing with the iMac with the CAPS lock button. If your typing something and you want the CAPS lock on, it doesn't always come on...
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    iMac Uninstall programs on the iMac

    Hey, on Windows there is an add/remove thing which lets you uninstall programs, but on the Mac, it doesn't have this. So to uninstall a program on the mac, do you really just drag it to the thrash (is it really that simple) or is the program somewhere else too? Thanks
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    iMac Tag & Rename for iMac

    Hey, so I know have an iMac, but I am looking for this program called Tag & Rename for the iMac. Does anyone know a program like it or where I can get the Tag & Rename program. Thanks a lot :)
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    Jailbroke my iPod, now I want to go back to default

    Hey everyone, I have jailbroken my iPod, but now I am wondering is it possible to go back to default like when I first got my iPod and keep all my music and videos? Thanks :)