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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    No worries :) I just think it's great they found this because it will mean we are gonna get an update sooner than expected :)
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    Better alternative to the Belkin adapter

    I prefer the Apple one which is a little longer and has better build quality: I found it while searching google for belkin alternatives and it's a little longer than the belkin but much more flexible and it's made by Apple and comes...
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    Recessed headphone jack was absolutely necessary

    I bought my first one from ebay and then bought another from a paid ad on google search and the white ones are Apple all the way. They come sealed in white plastic just like all the Apple accessories that come with an ipod and the sound quality is great on my Shure e2c's. They don't have 3...
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    Blue tooth stereo working?

    the jawbone is mono is it not? stereo would usually equate to left and right channels = you would need earbuds or speakers in both ears. I could be wrong and I hope I am because bluetooth stereo would be great.
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    Headphone Jack Adapter?

    search google for iPhone headphone adapter and a few options will pop up better then the belkin.
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    DO Update Your iTunes

    do you know if the export to iPhone feature willbe for pro users only? has anyone tried it yet?
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    Much cheaper iPhone reportedly on way

    UPDATE 1-JPMorgan analysts disagree on future iPhones Reuters - July 11, 2007 11:33 PM ET NEW YORK, July 11 (Reuters) - Clients of JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) could be excused for feeling dizzy in the last few days after reading the banking group's investment research on Apple Inc (AAPL). Kevin...
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    iPhone doesn't have a "One-size-fits-all headset jack"

    I don't really like the belkin adapters as they look really dorky and put too much stress on the headphone port if they get bumped into.
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    Aim, Msn, Yahoo, Google Talk

    is it better than the trillian alpha client that is for the iPhone? Has anyone used both? there are only like 6000 alpha testers so far i think.
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    Much cheaper iPhone reportedly on way

    yeah cool so the nano's have phone chips in them ready to be unlocked ... I don't think so... anyone who thinks that is a freaken idiot... As I was saying to the analyst who suggested it
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    Much cheaper iPhone reportedly on way

    The same analyst thinks you will be able to turn ipod nano's into phones. This guy is a freakin idiot.
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    Headfone Jack Adaptor?

    just go to ebay and get an adapter that properly fits so you don't need to cut anything. I agree the belkin one sucks but ebay has a white one that looks like an Apple part.
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    Where do they sell the headphone adapter?

    ebay has a bunch of iPhone adapters for various applications
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    this headphone thing is obnoxious

    I too have shure e2c's and I didn't want to cut them up. I bought a iPhone headphone adapter off of ebay that is white and much less noticeable than the belkin.
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    iPhone Software Update As Soon As July 5?

    As long as we get something good out of it I'm all for an update. Comon Apple reward the early adopters with ichat and video for our camera. Maybe support for more corporate e-mail servers and landscape texting.
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    Podcast formatting question

    did you dl the podcasts through iTunes? I transfered like 20 episodes of DL.TV to my iPhone 2 days ago and have been happily watching them on my vacation in full screen.
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    headphone adaptor?

    I searched for iPhone adapter. But you could get better results with iPhone headphone adapter.
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    iPhone battery life

    maybe it's a matter of going through a few charge cycles? My battery gets almost 6 hours of HEAVY use each charge. When I first got it I onlt got about 4 and some change but now after going through a few charge and discharge cycles I get almost 6 and that lasts me all day. Last time I discharged...
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    yeah i just got a new razr before the iPhone came out because mine got washed in the washing machine and I had not problem activating through iTunes and no extra fee's ect.
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    How to use iPhone without AT&TService.

    good to know. Now orders from europe will be piling in to use it as a ipod and wifi device.