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    Hi all, I have an iPad Air 2 and am need of a way to download and play music later without wifi. My issue I am going on a bus trip and want music to listen to while reading and not able to d/l or stream audio. I would prefer to stream music but I realize that would be almost impossible. My...
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    Wireless charger

    Does anyone use a wireless charger for your phone ? If so what brand ?
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    Notifications from texts

    Locked screen not showing new text that came in A preview of texts would be great I thought I turned every thing on so it shows up but it is still a no show
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    Weird happenings on iPhone 6

    Wake it up from sleeping open the phone with thumb print and what ever app was last used is on the screen or the screen that has all the app icons showing then it bounces to half screen and stays there ! I have to use the home button to get it to bounce up to normal screen ! Here is a picture of...
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    Sound missing at times

    After some restarts my iPad has no sound at all even when I put my passcode in I get no sound! I try an app to play music and get nothing at all. I restart and restart many times and finally get sound. I also have a problem with my headphone jack working properly. Both sides of the headphones do...
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    Change the display duration

    I am reading on the kindle app and after a certain amount of time the display dims. I know it's a power saving thing but how do I change the duration so it does not do this? I know ! Read faster so I touch the screen and it won't change but sometimes that's not possible lol
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    iPad rings when my phone rings

    I set up my iPad using the same settings and info as my iPhone 5 and now when I get a call on my cell the iPad rings ! How can I shut off the iPad from ringing ?
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    Just bought an iPad Air 2 and love it

    I made up my mind on what iPad 2 air I wanted and found it in stock at SAMs club ! I drove an hour to SAMs club and I asked a sales associate where I can find the newest iPad Air 2 and he said let me check with the manager! He called on the radio and the manager said yes we have them but we are...
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    Not eligible for Verizon upgrade until December, concerned about supply

    Went to Verizon to try and upgrade to iPhone 6. Didn't happen! Can't upgrade till December right around Christmas, so I don't see myself getting one now till January because Verizon is out of supply now and I don't see them having enough for Christmas either in my opinion!
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    How do turn on/off private browsing in Safari?

    Where do you turn on or off private browsing in io7? I am using safari web browser. Sent using iCafe app
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    ear piece sound

    My I Phone has no sound from the ear piece! I answe a call and I have no sound, so I put it on speaker and talk and it works just fine. Are there any settings for the ear piece other than volume control? I have the verizon i phone and its updated to the latest software. I did not take the...
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    How do I put email contacts on my phone?

    Hi All ! I am new to iPhone and new to this forum ............. Email .......... how do I put email contacts on my phone? I know how to put them into the contact list but I want to import my email contact list off my computer...... Do I need a different email app other than whats on my phone...