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    White iPhone may not stay that clean as many of us expecting it to be.. my theory

    I am sure everyone here has seen the close up pics of both white and black iPhone 4 and some may have noticed that there is a rubber like material(similar to macbook pro and iPad) covering the outskirts to hold the front and black glass in place. In white iPhone 4 as the color of rubber like...
  2. iPhone-v2

    Windows quickpwn 2.1 released!

    Here is the link.. go get it while its hot..!
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    Will restoring or updating iPhone delete files in Air Sharing app folder?

    I need to update to 2.1 but kinda worried that it might wipe all the data i transfered using air sharing app. don't wanna upload again. Has anyone of you can confirm this that it does or doesn't delete the data i am talking here.. and if yes is there any way to back up before i update the iPhone?
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    Unlocking solution for iPhone 3G is out! They are claiming to have a special sim that will unlock iPhone 3G and you can get the sim from You can find few youtube videos on that too. Has anyone really tried this? I am a little skeptic. Sorry if it has been posted or discussed...
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    GPS sucks for me..anyone?

    I had been trying it out the whole day.. takes good 5-10 minutes to discover my location (sometimes never)and even if shows up then the pointer thing is not flowing smoothly.. I was in the bus near to the window and the bus was going smoothly not stopping.. but the pointer was stopping for...
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    iTunes store activation is working

    Just called my local Apple store(syracuse, NY) and they say iTunes store activation is working absolutely fine..! just wanted to share this with those who were not able to get it through.. you might wanna try it again now. Let me know is it up from home or not?
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    David Pogue- Remember this guy?with a new hilarious iPhone video

    sorry if it has posted here before.... He is so funny...
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    Apple Store or AT&T? Which one are you going at to buy your new iPhone 3G

    Well I am def. going to the Apple store as I am very pleased with their customer services. I had one instance when I had some problem with my iPhone and I went to the Apple store and was coming out with the brand new iPhone as a replacement in few minutes:laugh2: with not many questions asked...
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    just 2 more days guys!

    Are you guys out there excited? Well I am.. Just couple more days and we will know the what abouts, specs and blah blah of the new iPhone. I have to admit that its been the greatest time ever following all the rumors about 3G iPhone, about leaked pics, and what not:laugh2:, The sad part is...
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    Top part of the touch screen is not working.. help help help!

    I am sorry if this has been discussed before! I tried to search but could not able to find the solution for my problem: Its like the Top part of the touch screen is not at all working, I am able to touch first three icons in the home screen but i have to touch at the bottom of these icons and...
  11. iPhone-v2

    iPhone-v2 is here.. much before than expected

    Sorry steve.. had to come out before June 7th :frown::tounge: