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  1. ramosj09

    New install

    I hate how much trouble it is to sync my phone when my pc crashes. Over the last 6 years I've owned 3 pcs, one for the kids and then the 2nd one we upgraded. Well up till now, I have had to restore my pc 3 times in the last two years due to viruses, and evey time I authorized my pc it said I had...
  2. ramosj09

    Useless apps

    I love my iPhone 3Gs 32g...but why sooo many useless dumb apps? I must admit, at first I downloaded everything and anything, I quickly got up to 600+ I only have 3 pages, love tha phone, hate tha cheesy apps....I'm just saying.
  3. ramosj09

    Quality of accessories

    We have 4 iPhones and an iPod touch 2nd gen, is it me or are the cables really poor quality?mine have all tore up really fast and I hate the short length.
  4. ramosj09

    Screen covers not needed!

    Has anyone else been told that the screen on the 3Gs is practically scratch resistent? My wife and I went into an Apple store yesterday and were told they didn't have screen protectors for the phone cause you don't need them? We were wondering if we should still put one on.