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    What got damaged?

    When I got the iPhone 4 my wife wanted my 3g. About a month later a leaking water bottle and her iPhone were in the bottom of her purse together. Needless to say it fried. I told her to just leave it alone, its cooked but she tried powering it on a few times. Being bored today, I saw the 3g...
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    4.0 Features on iPhone 3G - List them here

    For those of us that are still stuck in the dark ages with a 3G Lets list the features available here since they are different from the features available on a 3Gs. So far I have found: Folders Little arrow on maps app? Game Center Ability to delete playlists Pictures divided up in...
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    Group messaging is the new beef

    Well since we have to complain about something now that MMS works and the iPhone is now truly badazz, the only thing that would be REALLY nice to have is group messaging. Is there any apps that allow this?