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    iPhone upgrade hell...can anyone help?

    That wont work until your current SIM is associated with your new phones IMEI. Its a simple process for Apple to do for you... can probably be done over the phone. You just have to get someone who understands what your talking about. No worries, they had me set in like 2-3 minutes. After that...
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    Alarms are pissing me off

    Ive discovered another annoying problem with the alarms. Sometimes on my phone even after I slide to unlock and disable the sounding alarm, I find that it will still go off again after about 10 minutes. Its almost like snooze resets itself even though the alarm is in "off" mode. Anyone else...
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    iPhone upgrade hell...can anyone help?

    I know your pain man. I purchased another iPhone and ran into the same problem you have. All you need to do is get Apple to associate your current SIM to the new phone. After discovering this problem myself, I took my phone back to the Apple store and told them I needed the SIM reassociated...