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    Vista 64bit Crashes

    I'm installing Yahoo messenger right now
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    Vista 64bit Crashes

    I tried two more times (with no luck) - see my previous posts in this thread: Try three: I removed the drivers before trying the reinstall. After the install I had two drivers (displayed only when the iPhone was connected) - my recollection that the first was an Apple driver specific for the...
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    Vista 64bit Crashes

    Thank You! KNK: Thanks for taking the time to list all the info. I'll continue trying to fix my problem - which seems unique - no one else seems to have Windows crash. Thanks again
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    Vista 64bit Crashes

    I've installed iTunes 7.6 (the 64 bit version - iTunes64Setup.exe) twice and each time Windows crashes - after logging in but before startup is complete. The first time, I installed iTunes without deleting the previous 7.5 version. The second time, I deleted both iTunes and QuickTime. I'm...
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    iPhone works Now on Vista 64 with iTunes 7.6

    Blue Screen of Death I successfuly installed iTunes 7.6 and then used it to successfuly download 1.1.3 to my iPhone. I thought I was in fat city as I am a Vista Ultimate 64 bit user unable to connect my iPhone to Windows up 'til 7.6. But then, I tried to restart windows - multiple times, each...
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    Bottom keypad buttons

    I'm having problems with entering bottom buttons when typing. For example, when entering the first of two map locations, the bottom right 'next' button can't be entered even when I try to slide onto the keyboard at the bottom of the key. Other bottom buttons aren't as responsive as they were...
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    iPhone and 64 bit Vista

    Again thanks! In my opinion, it is pissy :mad:that we have to pay for another version of Vista (or XP) in order to sync the iPhone. I've decided to wait a little longer to see if Apple does the right thing and provides 64 bit support. I ain't holding my breath though.
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    Think about getting a iPhone

    FWIW: iPhone is not supported on either XP or Vista IF the OS is 64 bit. In other words, you won't be able to connect from iTunes to iPhone on either Operating System; 32 bit is fine and MOST people have 32 bit
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    I gave my laptop to a family member and purchased a new Laptop w/Vista 64 bit OS. When I connect the iPhone to the new laptop, iTunes issues the following error 'Please connect iPhone to a computer running a 32 bit version of XP or Vista'. The system requirements displayed on the iPhone box...
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    iTunes and iPhone sync - Nothing but Failure to connect

    Is the HP OS 64 bit? I know that for Vista Apple doesn't support 64 bit and I assume the same would be true for XP. Ron
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    iPhone and 64 bit Vista

    I don't know - just guessing - I think Apple could have created an iTunes 32 bit version for 64 bit Vista, but for some reason has chosen not to. Seems strange, because I don't think it is difficult - since lots of other application owner's have done that. Maybe a knowledgeable programmar can...
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    iPhone and 64 bit Vista

    Windows Vista 64 Bit Yes, as far as I can tell by searching the forums, there isn't a work around - I'm really disappointed; I'm hoping that Apple will fix the problem, but as pointed out in a number of threads, 64 bit Vista doesn't have much market share, so maybe the guys at Apple are just...
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    iPhone and 64 bit Vista

    I'm Having the same problem Hi I have the same problem. Were you able to find a solution? If so, how? Thanks