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    4.0 Gmail accounts calendar and notes added

    looks like you can now just flip a switch to get your google calendar(s) on here, and not have to do the exchange set up like before not sure about the notes yet and if those sync with your notepad any intel?
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    GriponPad (might be the best case?)

    I looked around and didn't see any posts about this Looks very similar to the cozip case on my 1gen, and casecrown on my 3g and 3gs snaps on, not slick like the plastic ones, a little grippy and...
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    2nd hang 3G with AT&T already on month to month- sign contract?

    Getting a new one, selling my 3G to a friend they are with ATT and currently going month to month know we have to go to ATT store and get a new sim, but will they have to sign a 2 yr contract just to use it? ATT customer service said no, but have read that they will have to. Anyone...
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    Music Scrubbing?

    3.0 when playing music and trying to fast forward or rewind, if you drag your finger up or down it changes scrubbing to a higher or slower speed. Hidden update? WTF does it do?
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    Cozips are out for 3G

    Ordered mine on Amazon today. First time I saw them up, quick search for Cozip didn't have a recent thread Will give review after, had 1 for V1 and loved it. Also comes with face and 2 glare protectors.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.1 Pre-release Discussion « Older posts Jason Chen: The iPhone update is free and will be available this Friday.
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    I'm back!

    A "friend" decided to be funny one night and posted under my name many immature things. I want to apologize to anyone who was offended and thank Chris for letting me back. You can clearly see I was a cool member here before (actually I was the 1st to post here that the app store was open)...
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    location finder on maps more accurate?

    my location finder on maps is now almost pinpointing me! so good that i don't need GPS. this going on for anyone else?
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    Just signed up for @me email go the email confirmation, so good to go! I would hurry so you get the email you want. haven't set it all up yet
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    Apps are now up just downloaded some

    got new iTunes, searched for AIM and found the app section, already downloaded several. Cant use them yet but they are there
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    Picks wrong email address?

    Tried searching but no luck... Anyone see this? I am writing or forwarding an email, and start to type in a name, MATT, a few Matt's pop up, I choose the one I want and it puts the one right above it down. I delete the wrong name and re-do it and same issue. There is NO WAY I am choosing the...
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    Vibe Duo Problems

    Just got them, pretty cool, except for the fact that they will just hang up a call and start playing music on their own! Oh and the button doesn't work. Anyone else have these issues? Spent 40+ min on the phone with the Apple online store getting a RMA to send back, after 1 guy with Apple told...