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    Can I connect Apple TV to TV with RCA cable connections?

    Lol. Went and bought Apple tv and wasn't compatible with my dlp tv so I told my wife either I bring it back or I get a new tv. Can u guess which way I went. Lol ;0)
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    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    This is my homescreen. It's ok. A little basic. Plus I run a tree d background. New to the jb community so I'm starting off small. Like?
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    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    This is mine plus EDboardin the back
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    What do you want in iOS 5.0?

    More customizing options would be sweet. Different themes and downloading free and premium themes from different places or just downloading different home screens, lockscreens, browser customizing, text, or anything else you can think of. Plus being able to store them on your iPod/iPhone or...
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    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    I'd like to find or learn to make cool backgrounds that make my apps look "more themed" I guess would be the term. Like for instance I keep my apps on the left that I use a bit more in a row going down and with my home screen apps they make an "L" shape. I would love to find a background that...
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    Dre beat headphones

    I'm saving up to get a pair of the Bluetooth ones
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    4.2 version

    Woke up rip roaring mad the other day that 4.2 didn't release. My Gf said I was acting like a child about it. I told her if she loved her iProducts more than me, she'd be mad too.
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    New backplates for iPhone 4

    Those backplates are nice. Are they directly from Apple. Just curious. I don't actually have an iPhone just iPod.
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    Ya i sure can confirm that!
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    T-Mobile Bagging On iPhone 4

    There's also a droid commercial where at the end they make it a point to say something like "the new droid; with flash!". That's an obvious blow.
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    iPhone 4 dead, restore error 1601? Help!

    I don't have an iPhone only a touch 4. But, when I had my touch 3 I used and my speaker got blown during the download. It took months for me to find the nerve to jailbreak and boom! That's what I get. Blown speaker. But that took care of that jailbreak experience. But customizing...
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    I used the word 'bluetoothly' the other night. Don't know if it's a real word, but it is now.
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    Official random thread

    I used the word Bluetoothly the other night. If is not a real word, it is now!
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    Voip and iPhone

    I mean I know there are apps for voip but if AT&T, or even Verizon when it comes out next year, offers it as a standard setting on the phone that would be cool right.
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    Voip and iPhone

    I was just thinking. Wouldn't it be nice if AT&T offered your number to also be a voip number while in wifi as well or can u already do that. I don't know cause I have an iPod touch 4 but for those people who do have iPhones it would help out on the bill if they offered for no extra cost or...
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    Some apps are still not optimized for ios4 yet. So they will still show up on the taskbar on e you close out but since it's not set up for multitasking they will have to reload to start again. I kno it's dumb. Developers just have to get to those apps to optimize them. Give it time which ever...
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    So Apples remote app just updated today. Would it really hurt Apple to incorporate bluetooth receiving and controlling to and from iOS devices like ibrr. I mean no offense I just don't feel like being able to control my touch from another touch for $4. Ya I'd rather do it for free; but besides...
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    is iCafe ever going to update their app for retina display?

    Of course since this is a cafe I could use a coffee.
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    is iCafe ever going to update their app for retina display?

    Who cares about the UI. It's the conversations that are going on within the walls of icafe that interest me. I mean a new look would be cool but who cares.
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    Yay yay and alot of yay!

    Kinda like Disney land for Apple products. Just got with a lot of money the snacks are expensive.