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    How would you price..?

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    How would you price..?

    I have to write down a new complete SMS Sender/Receiver app for a friend/buyer. How would you price it? Thanks!
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    STOLEN! Yes its been stolen!

    You can try asking to block your AT&T contract..
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    Bluetooth audio in iPhone

    Many thanks!:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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    Games for the iPhone...If so, file size?

    about 100mb..? I don't know, that's just MHO
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    Auto Brightness Not Working After 1.1.1 Update

    I think you should make a call at Apple.. it's could be a bug (or maybe your iPhone was unlocked before update..)
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    Battery problem

    What did you do in those 3hrs?
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    Web Apps v Installed Apps: PLEASE VOTE

    I voted for "Web apps are OK, but I'd use installed apps instead if I could"!:smile:
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    You bought an iPhone, but would you buy it again?

    I'd surely buy it again:laugh2:
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    POLL: for those who unlocked your iPhone, problems after.. yes.. no..

    I'm waiting for the next update before unlocking my 2nd iPhone:smile:
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    $100 store credit question...VERY IMPORTANT!

    Have you called Apple?
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    What Is The Status Of Your iPhone?

    Locked to AT&T but jailbroken for 3rd party apps. :2cool: Hope that Apple doesn't block jailbreak in their next update..:frown:
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    "you got mail" sound for mail

    Thanks !:laugh2:
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    Future iPhones(opinions Please!)

    Why it shouldn't be possible?:gasp:
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    iPhone 16GB on the horizon?

    I hope for a 16Gb iPhone and I'm quite convinced that it will be released soon..
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    My conversation with an Apple employee

    Mmh... interesting..:2cool:
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    In Store Credit

    Do you solved the problem?
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    SIM ?

    Is it an AT&T sim?
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    It doesn't seem an iPhone issue..
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    High speed edge Internet browsing

    I think it depends on your location..