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  1. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iPhone X Testing AnimojiStudio's Karaoke Feature

    AnimojiStudio is a new sideloaded app for the iPhone X that allows recordings of more than 10 seconds, color backgrounds, and a cute karaoke feature. The karaoke feature does requite a paid Spotify subscription, however. I've tested the karaoke feature briefly, and here is one rather silly...
  2. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iTunes 12.6.3 Now Available with Apps and Ringtones Syncing Restored

    Apple has released iTunes 12.6.3, apparently in response to users who didn't like not being able to sync their apps and ringtones directly from iTunes 12.7. Of course, iTunes 12.6.3 cannot read 12.7's iTunes Library.itl file, so use a recent backup from your previous iTunes 12.6.x library. I...
  3. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus Camera Test: The Best Smartphone Camera We've Ever Tested

    DXOMARK has nice things to say about the iPhone 8 Plus's new camera.
  4. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Fares Well in Bend Test, Fairly Well in Scratch Test

    Another new iPhone is defaced in the newest bend and scratch test.
  5. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus Camera Review: India

    This is one of the best reviews I've seen yet regarding the new camera in the iPhone 8 Plus. There's a video tucked in there talking about the new Portrait Lighting Mode as well as regular Portrait Mode, so be sure to watch it. Very informative.
  6. Napoleon PhoneApart

    Pangu Teases 10.3.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 7

    The Pangu jailbreak team has teased an iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak for the iPhone 7. It isn't released yet, but I'm sure it will be eventually.
  7. Napoleon PhoneApart

    New iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Solution Without Certificate Time Limit

    Our old friend qwertyoruiop has released a JailbreakMe-type online jailbreak kit that will jailbreak your iOS 9.3.3 iPhone without the limited-time certificate required with the Pangu jailbreak. The link is here (do it on your iPhone, you knuckleheads :D). It may fail to work on the web page...
  8. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iOS 10.1 Final Release Is Out

    The final build of iOS 10.1 has been released by Apple with Portrait Mode and numerous fixes.
  9. Napoleon PhoneApart

    How to Enable One-Handed Keyboard Operation on Jailbroken Devices

    For those of us on jailbroken iPhones.
  10. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iOS 10.1 Beta 3 Has Been Released For Developers

    The main feature seems to be the formal introduction of the Bokeh portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus. Just installed it. Very small update file size.
  11. Napoleon PhoneApart

    And So It Begins - Samsung's Secret Weapon

    Yep. That'll do it. Black Onyx.
  12. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iPhone 7 The iPhone 7/Samsung S7 Deep Water Test

    This is a well-done, entertaining video of these two phones being submerged in the Columbia River at varying depths for five minutes per depth. The best water-resistance test I've seen so far.
  13. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus/6s Plus Comparison Photos

    c|net has provided a plethora of pictures (sorry, practicing my alliteration here) comparing the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus cameras. Each photo has a handy sliding function so you can compare as much of the photo as you want to.
  14. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7/7 Plus Shipping Thread

    Just making this thread to help keep things tidy. I found this on the UPS site by searching by reference number. I put my phone number in and the shipping information came up.
  15. Napoleon PhoneApart

    iPhone 7 Kuo Gives Us His List of iPhone 7 Features

    Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, has a pretty decent track record when it comes to up-and-coming iPhone features. Here is his list of new features for the iPhone 7 series. We'll see on Wednesday!
  16. Napoleon PhoneApart

    Apple Releases iOS 9.3.4

    Today Apple released iOS 9.3.4, so iOS 9.3.3 will only be signed for a short time. Be careful with your jailbreaks and don't put yourself in the position of having to restore once Apple stops signing 9.3.3.
  17. Napoleon PhoneApart

    Pangu 9.2-9.3.3 Jailbreak on the Way

    Thanks for the heads-up, @Europa. Early version is semi-tethered (no computer needed to rejailbreak, though) but I'd expect an untethered version down the line. Read more. And here.
  18. Napoleon PhoneApart

    Luca (qwertyuiop) Drops a 0Day Exploit for iOS 9.3.3 Beta and Lower

    Now that the iOS 10 beta is out, Luca has released an exploit for iOS 9.3.3 beta and lower that should make achieving a jailbreak possible for these iOS revisions.
  19. Napoleon PhoneApart

    Wanna Run Android on Your iPhone?

    This 3D-printed case will allow you to run the Android operating system on your iPhone. Check it out.