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  1. Keukawater

    iPhone XS What size phone?

    I've been super happy with the size of the X but I was disappointed that there was no gold option, so definitely the Xs in gold. My daughter's 13th birthday is in October, so I'll be getting her the 6.1" version, probably in red.
  2. Keukawater

    iPhone X X preorder thread

    I just received a shipping confirmation that three of the four that I ordered will be delivered tomorrow, 11/8. I was originally given a delivery date of 11/22, so 15 days sooner was a nice surprise. All three are space grey, 64GB. Unfortunately, the fourth phone, which is the one I ordered...
  3. Keukawater

    iPhone X X preorder thread

    So I just got an email from Apple that they were able to confirm with my carrier and now I can complete my purchase. I must do so within a 24 hour period to “maintain delivery priority.” Does anyone have experience with this? If I continue with the Apple purchase, will they automatically my...
  4. Keukawater

    iPhone X So you ordered an are you going to carry her?

    With my 7 Plus I've been using the Peel ultra thin case and I really like it a lot. It's about as close to naked as I dare go. I ordered a Spigen case from Amazon a few weeks ago, as well as a Totallee case, so I'll try those and see what I like best. I've been using a plus sized phone since...
  5. Keukawater

    iPhone X X preorder thread

    I ordered 3 space grey, 64GB iPhones and a single 256GB space grey iphone for myself, my husband, and two of our employees. I had trouble with both the Verizon site and the Apple app. For the 64GB phones I got a Nov. 22 date and for the 256GB I got a Dec. 1 date. Of course, the December date...
  6. Keukawater

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 preorder thread

    My husband's 7 Plus, matte black, 128 GB came on launch day. My 7 Plus, gold, 128 GB arrived today. I was given 9/23 as the delivery date for both of them, when I ordered at about 3:15-3:30AM EST on 9/9.
  7. Keukawater

    iPhone 7 Which iPhone Did You Get?

    Ordered 4 iPhones on our business account. One matte black 7, 32GB. Two matte black 7 pluses, 128 GB. One 7 plus gold 128GB. Of the 4, only the regular 7 was supposed to arrive on launch day. But on Friday, all of the matte black phones showed up via fed ex. The gold one is supposed to...
  8. Keukawater

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7/7 Plus Shipping Thread

    I use Verizon. Got an email yesterday that one of the phones I ordered for work is in Memphis now. It's not mine, it's the regular 7, black, 32 GB. None of the plus sized phones I ordered have shipped yet.
  9. Keukawater

    iPhone 7 Anyone who ordered the iPhone7 or 7+ through Verizon

    I ordered 4 phones on our business account between 3 and 3:40 AM EST. The one black iPhone 7, 32GB that I ordered gave a delivery date of 9-16. The three 7 Pluses (2 black, 1 gold, all 128 GB) all gave delivery dates of 9-23.
  10. Keukawater

    Bulkier Case with More Protection, or Slimmer Case with Less Protection?

    I had the black leather case for my space grey 6 Plus, and I loved it. I did drop it once and took a small scuff to the bottom right side of the speaker. I like that you can see part of the color of the phone, so that's a risk I was willing to take leaving part of the phone exposed. I don't...
  11. Keukawater

    Bulkier Case with More Protection, or Slimmer Case with Less Protection?

    I'm a bit of a case junkie. I think I have 15 or 20 cases, but I always find myself coming back to the thinnest case I have. I love the look of the gold 6s Plus and I find that the thin, transparent case is my favorite. I have one that I got for $1.27 on Amazon. It's the closest to completely...
  12. Keukawater

    iPhone 6s Post a picture of your new iPhone

    @Europa, I'm curious to know your thoughts on the white faceplate once you've used it a while. This is my first non-black faceplate, and it was a tough devision for me. I've always loved the black, but I felt like I needed a change. I don't think I'll regret it, but I'm holding onto my 6 Plus...
  13. Keukawater

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Pre-order and Tracking

    Mine has been in Memphis since yesterday. It has a "processed on" date/time of 9/24/15 at 11:20AM. Is that the time it'll board the plane to come to me in NY?
  14. Keukawater

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Pre-order and Tracking

    @radtechy01 I hope that's what it means. They just charged my card, too.
  15. Keukawater

    iPhone 6s iphone 6s preorder

    @billinaz, I ordered from Verizon at 3AM EST, and received the same email shortly after. I ordered the 64GB 6s Plus in gold. When I go to my verizon account to check the status of my order it says "awaiting inventory," so I assume that it's still possible for that delivery date to change...
  16. Keukawater

    iPhone 6s iphone 6s preorder

    Got my order in through Verizon at 3:11 AM EST. I went through Verizon because I used someone else's upgrade. Right now it's saying 9/25, but that's not confirmed. Super excited about a gold 64GB 6sPlus.
  17. Keukawater

    iPhone 6s Which new iPhone are you getting?

    I'm going with the 6sPlus in gold this time. I've never had anything but black or space grey iPhones, but that gold color has really grown on me. Every time I see one on display in a store I have to stop and look at it. I never thought I'd like a gold phone, but now I feel like I must have one...
  18. Keukawater

    The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Picture Thread

    Here's a picture I took from the window on a flight from Elmira, NY to Chicago on 2-16-15. This is Keuka Lake, heart of the Finger Lakes, which doesn't usually freeze 100%. I've lived on or near Keuka for 42 years. I remember it freezing only a handful of times. It's been cold here!
  19. Keukawater

    Screen Protectors and iPhone 6, 6 Plus

    It's a little late, but there is still time to get Zagg glass for 1/2 price on the Zagg website as part of their cyber Monday. Just ordered a tempered glass protector for my daughter's Air 2 that we got her for Christmas, and a spare tempered glass for my 6 plus.
  20. Keukawater

    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    Looks like it shipped today from Lewisberry, PA. Should be here tomorrow, so at least in this area, Verizon is shipping quicker than their estimates. Still no 6+'s available in stores within 3 hours driving distance of here.