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    iPhone Audio Died

    Some people will notice that after plugging in a headset and then removing it, the standard audio speaker doesn't work for phone calls/ipod. It WILL work, however, on speakerphone. The solution is simple: Plug in and remove the headset into the jack 2-3 times, and the audio comes back. I don't...
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    Watching iPhone movies on the plane.

    I hardly notice screen size once I'm engrossed in a movie. Perhaps it's my young eyes, but I've been watching movies for years on the video ipod and not had an issue. When I travel, I used to take a carry-on; now I just need my phone and a book. G
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    Using iPhone on two different PC's. Home and Work.

    I have this exact setup. I activated the phone at work, and synced my Outlook, etc. then plugged in the phone at home and synced the media. Pretty simple. Now when I sync it, I just click on "Merge Data" and all of my contacts, mail, calendar sync to both computers and the phone. G
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    Sprint Story ( i think very funny )

    I went to the Sprint store to get my mom a Treo while she was in town. Their computer that shows the features and comparisons was down, so I used my iPhone browser to look up reviews/specs. The store manager was giving me one heck of a death glare. G
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    My Boss Rules...

    "Hey, do you still need a cell for work?" "Yes" "Apple's got the 8GB iPhone in stock right now at the Vegas store-- go grab one and fill out an expense report for the mileage and phone. We'll activate it tomorrow on the work account." "...thank you!" And now I have an iPhone. G
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    Tips And Tricks

    This is my favorite trick: When you want to make a period or comma, instead of tapping the .?123 key and then pressing the period, tap and DRAG your finger from the .?123 key to the desired number/symbol. You can add commas and periods without ever having your finger leave the phone. G
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    iPhone activation/use with multiple comps

    All the info for the activation's at the office-- I figured as long as I'm expensing it, I should at least makes its first time at the office. I wasn't sure if the comp on which it was activated would tie it into some ugly, clingy relationship. I'll be gentle. G
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    iPhone activation/use with multiple comps

    Excellent-- thanks, guys. Should I activate this at the office then, and I won't have any probs adding it to the home computer, or vice versa? G
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    iPhone activation/use with multiple comps

    Hello all-- this is my first post here, as I just picked up the phone yesterday and have yet to activate. I have what I believe to be a somewhat unique and troublesome situation: I bought the phone for work, and will need to keep my Outlook contacts/to do/mail synced up, and all of that info I...