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    transfer playlist from iPhone to iTunes?

    WOW! 2 years later... i don't even REMEMBER that problem!
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    HELP PLEASE! have iPhone 4 jailbroken, alt weather and custom SMS color do not work.

    seems the only thing that works is my star wars sounds...nothing else works in Winterboard...?
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    HELP PLEASE! have iPhone 4 jailbroken, alt weather and custom SMS color do not work.

    so i jailbroke my iPhone 4, thank god. i hate stock iPhones! anyhow, i've always had Alt Weather Background from BigBoss installed on previous iPhones. Also I always change the green SMS to blue. I have a blue Balloon_1.png. Neither of these are working. I made sure that weather was selected in...
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    Install MMS on Jailbroken iPhone 3G/3GS (3.0-3.0.1)

    worked for me, EASY... after i read that you have to use the "" marks...! NOTE: IE8 will try to save the file as a zip file, on bottom right after "right clicking to save", save it as "all files" and change it to .ipcc, then you'll be able to find it when you hold SHIFT to "update"... SUPER EASY!
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    didn't restore before trying to upgrade JB 3G

    thanks for the video. i actually tried to restore on a different computer and it did restore without going into DFU mode. (i just tried the restore + upgrade option AND IT WORKED!) i used redsnow to JB (after it restored) and did have to put it in DFU mode during JB, but i already knew the...
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    didn't restore before trying to upgrade JB 3G

    so i thought i could just upgrade my JB 3G (2.2) to 3.0 software. now i'm stuck at the USB to iTunes icon on the iPhone and restore doesn't work, neither does restore and upgrade. i tried holding shift (on a PC) to point it to the correct firmware, but nothing... any advice?
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    Cannot open SMS balloon png files...

    worked for me...
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    AppleCare for 3GS

    +1 for squaretrade!
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    think i found my first fully bricked iPhone (V1)

    i was just having a similar problem where no computer would recognize my 3g, even though it was showing the "connect to iTunes" graphic. Did you try, turn off phone, close iTunes, disconnect sync cable from pc, hold home button (keep holding), connect sync cable to pc, open iTunes while still...
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    Paths & Various Mods

    i guess i partially already screwed up. my phone WAS working fine, and synced to the new PC. yesterday my iPhone totally crashed, went from working to the "sync with iTunes" screen. i was in such a panic to restore my iPhone, i restored through iTunes and figured i migth as well update to 2.2.1...
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    Paths & Various Mods

    i just built a new pc and am trying to transfer my iPhone info. i got most of it, but can't find my NOTES, anyone have any idea where i can find my notes from the old PC to copy to the new one? Thanks!
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    Air Sharing FREE until Sept 22!

    sorry, not specific enough... Yes, I do have Airsharing on my iPhone, but don't know where or how to transfer files INTO my iPhone from my PC. I can see "public" and "samples" from Internet Explorer on the iPhone web address from air sharing, but need help on how to put info ONTO the iPhone, and...
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    Air Sharing FREE until Sept 22!

    so maybe I should expand. I can see the folders/files from Internet Explorer(PC), but can't see where I can drag my files to in Network Places. Is the iPhone an Internet Connection with a IP address, or...?
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    Air Sharing FREE until Sept 22!

    anyone figure out the Comcast modem/router problem? That's the boat I am in, unless I don't understand where it should be in Network Places...?
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    How do you change the message in the Slider?

    no one to help?
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    selling iPhone V1 with applications already installed?

    thanks Saverino and Macgirl!
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    selling iPhone V1 with applications already installed?

    that's what i was thinking, bad idea, just wanted others opinions...others please throw in your $.02.
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    selling iPhone V1 with applications already installed?

    I have a 3G and am going to sell my V1, but was thinking of adding all the applications (free and bought) to the iPhone V1 to "add value". I tried searching and couldn't find any previous posts about good idea/ bad idea. What are the Pros/ Cons of doing this? I think if the new user has an...
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    Bricked my 3G

    ya, it's not bricked, just have to DFU it and restore as said previously... will you lose data, probably, but better than losing your phone...
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    How to jailbreak 2.1 on Windows tonight...

    i actually had to rejailbreak and used method posted just above this, (from it worked better, and no diskaid needed.