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  1. J

    Facebook and push

    Does anyone know if facebook will get push? I had it with my BB and I miss it on my new iPhone
  2. J

    Sending an invitation

    Is it possible to send an invitation to someone from my calendar?
  3. J

    Some questions from a future newbie

    Soon I will be replacing my BB 8310 Curve with an iPhone and I just have some questions about certain features and whether the iPhone has them or not. First, when receiving new email does the iPhone give you a notification on the hone screen or unlock screen or both? Second, if there is a...
  4. J

    Where do my downloads go?

    I am planning on getting a new iPhone in September as a birthday gift from my wife. So today I purchased Documents to Go from the app store to take advantage of the $4.99 introductory price. Well I saw that it downloaded it, but where on my PC did it go? Sorry for the dumb question.