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    crappy video

    y is it since i updated my ipod and youtube play crappy videos. like theres a bunch of pixels or something going away in each clip its annoying and looks weird is there a fix for this
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    jailbreak plus ibrickr problem

    i used tinmans method and i cant seem to get ibrickr to connect to my phone. is there any program i should use or etc. i just want my ringtones back haha
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    won't connect to ibrickr

    i jailbreaked my phone not using the on touch deal and i still cant connect to ibricker. is there any program i need
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    flash player

    i was wondering if you were able to get flash player on your iPhone because i go to a lot of sites where it needs flash to plat something. is there a way to do in in ibricker.
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    problem loading songs

    i cant manual drag songs to the music file i have to make a playlist and do it that y. y can i manualy do it. the songs come up gray and i cant click them