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    blackra1n is released

    One other thing Im using a iPhone 3GS 3.1 out of the box and this new blackra1n works for all the devices... have fun:dft003:coolkid
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    blackra1n is released

    OMG it worked I just completed my jailbreak took all but 3-5 minutes just plug in the phone and let it ra1n. OH HAPPY day:ok:ok
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    breaking new 3GS 3.1 jailbreak

    this posting is for windows they are working on the jailbreak tutorials, read the full link with all the details.
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    breaking new 3GS 3.1 jailbreak :ok:ok
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    MMS is out right now

    Help I downloaded the ATT US file and got the MMS software but I'm not able to send pic's yet.are there any other steps I have to do ? located in Florida:dft003:coolkid
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    video help question

    Just got off the phone with Apple support and they said the max to email a video is 10megs. thats with email only
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    video help question

    I wonder if this is a problem everyone is having or just a bug is some phones. I know it sucks I cant send video out from my phone Grrrrrrrr
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    video help question

    why is it that everytime I try and email a video its always placed in the outbox and held there. is there a step I'm missing somewhere ? :dft002:amazed
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    question about jailbreaking

    I'm a newbie with a 3GS and I'm reading a lot of stuff about jailbreaking the phone. what is it and if I try something like that will I have problems with my phone not working as it should ?:023:nothappy
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    Has AT&T said anything about MMS for iPhone 3GS?

    any word from ATT reguarding the MMS service for the 3GS. I have nothing in my setting for doing MMS.:032:unsure
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    newbie with a question

    I read about that much of emailing photos but I was hoping there was a way to add it as an attachment in the email without jumping over to the photos first.
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    newbie with a question

    I'm new to the iPhone world and I'm wondering is that a program out there where as I can send an email with a attachment with it ?:dft002:amazed
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    BlackBerry to iPhone

    hello everyone at the present time I have a 8330 BB curve and I'm thinking about jumping over to the iPhone 3G s. am I doing the right thing because I'm reading about Att and the problems they're having about giving good service and how crapy the iPhone is on their service .:gasp: