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    Mobile me from eBay? Legit?

    Just a side note, I had him open the box and send me the code via email, it was legit still.
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    Mobile me from eBay? Legit?

    - buylotsforless
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    Stream any podcast app?

    Background play too?
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    Long Text Strings - How to Navigate?

    Try holding and dragging your finger to the beginning, if that's what you're asking it should work
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    Help....Acura MDX

    It's probably the ghost of an American auto worker reminding someone soon we will all live in poverty.
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    Will the iPhone 4 be upgraded to support 4G?

    With the strides AT&T has made on their 3G network I assume we will see 3 markets with 4G by 2017, that will be what? iPhone 10?
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    Mobile me from eBay? Legit?

    Took a chance, paid 37.99 for a buy it now MobileMe 1 year subscription, the dude sent me the activation key in email and is sending the box via mail. I am now using mobile me... This is an awesome deal?
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    Mobile me from eBay? Legit?

    Just curious if this is legit. How can people sell mobile me for 36 dollars when it retails for 99. If it's legit I'd buy?
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    Stream any podcast app?

    I need an app that I can search all podcasts available on iTunes, then steam any of them. Does this exist? I've been using stitcher but the podcast selection is terrible
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    Anyone been able to get tethering on their unlimited plan?

    I'm going to engage in the good fight with att in a few minutes, my 150 dollar a month phone bill since 2002 is usually a good tool in my fight, I don't expect to win, but I'll definitely let att know they're close to losing me with absurd policies
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    Is this font or bug?

    Apple allows you to change system fonts and the developer didn't take this into account when making their app? Demand a refund
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    Radioshack forcing to buy AppleCare with iPhone 4?

    I will never shop at radio shack because of what they did to me at iPhone 4 launch, they took my preorder and guaranteed me an iPhone 4 on launch day... A day later they called me back and said that I wouldn't be getting an iPhone... Had they just said that I would have pre ordered from the Apple...
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    iPhone 4 Case against liquid spills

    Try the otterbox defender, the only thing that might keep a girls iPhone safe.
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    Rant: AT&T has the nerve to talk about upgrading to 4G?

    My discontent isn't with the 3G speed, but with the coverage area. I probably won't go to verizon since as a long time att customer I am eligible for a new 2 year subsidized iPhone every year (owned every iPhone and got it for the lowest price point available). We shall see though. I agree...
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    Motorla Olympus iPhone killer?

    IMO no Android phone will ever be an iPhone killer, because Android inherently sucks. Be it googles perpetual beta or Licensing the OS to hardware manufactures for a different user experience every time. this was the biggest problem with windows mobile, and it continues on Android, Apple...
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    Any apps to cure a cold?

    I'm sick :( it sucks cause I want a bowl of fruit loops. Any apps that tell you how to cure a cold?
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    Rant: AT&T has the nerve to talk about upgrading to 4G?

    I've thought about canceling but always fall for "our network is improving! Stick with us!". I'm sick of waiting. Plus, before the iPhones I never had to worry about needing more than edge.
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    Rant: AT&T has the nerve to talk about upgrading to 4G?

    If you're going to live in a major market and never travel outside of the metro area, you'll love AT&T
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    Rant: AT&T has the nerve to talk about upgrading to 4G?

    So, I've been reading about AT&T saying they will begin upgrading to LTE in Q1, maybe Q2 2011 at the latest.... This drives me to tears it makes me so angry, does it you? I have been a loyal iPhone owner since the original, and an AT&T customer since 2001, but this is enough to drive me off the...
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    Apple replaced my cracked glass!

    Oh meh no big deal