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    Thoughts on Tomorrows Event and iPhone Poem

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    Is it for sure? A new iPhone this summer?

    did your friend tell you that it just might have a removeable battery, a little more square than rectangle.. also just wanted to point out that tmobile has the iPhone contract overseas europe, germany so forth. just my opinion no facts :)
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    What Services will the iPhone 4G be on?

    i heard that it was going to be coming to tmobile.
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    text pictures

    how do you do a full upgrade?
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    Is it for sure? A new iPhone this summer?

    i was on the phone with my service provider and they actually got to see the new iPhone 4g and its not going to be for att, its going to t mobile
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    text pictures

    go to manage in cydia then you must install into the sources menu and click add then install, its called enable mms for 2g and 3.1.2 aka a iPhone 3g
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    text pictures

    i could not find legacy either, but i installed an app off of xxxxxxxxxxx on cydia to receive and send pic messages but when i receive the pics they are blurry anybody know anything.
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    Anybody know of any Cydia Sources to add?

    i know of 2 you can add xxxxxxxxxxxxxx really cool and also xxxxxxx its ok just a few things on it