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    Can You Believe it was Just Last Week...

    when we were all scrambling to get this wonderful piece of technological history? How was your first week as an iPhoner?
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    Photshop opening when I put iPhone in base

    Is there any way to stop photshop from opening when I put my iPhone in its base which is connected to the computer? So annoying!
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    I was duped! My iPhone won't sync with Outlook!

    I worked with an Apple tech for 3 HOURS last night and we couldn't get my iPhone to synch with Outlook 2003. He admitted to me that many people were having this issue. He also admitted that people with 2007 were having this issue as well. I feel really duped by Apple. I now have to use the...
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    What I Miss About my Blackberry

    NOTHING! (Except for the ability to delete several messages at one time and the indicator light that told me I had a missed call/emails waiting on the top.)
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    I can't believe there is no multi-message delete

    The biggest disappointment to me is that there is no multiple-message delete. You have to delete email messages one at a time. There isn't even a Clear All in the email Trash! My biggest request is to be able to choose multiple messages to delete instead of deleting them one by one. I had to tap...