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    Restoring notes on 3GS

    I have a non-jb 3GS, warranty expired and version 4.2.1, STILL! Do not have access to a PC/Mac, and notes have not been backed up using iTunes. My notes went from 117 to 107! Did not "accidentally delete them. This "wonderful" 3GS did, after it was power-cycled! :) I need to get those notes...
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    AT&T Mobile Transfer App

    Anyone know how much it is? Can it be completed just using a handset? How do you retrieve the items in transfer? Should this go in the "App" forum? No clue. Help!
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    Are pics and contacts saved to SIM card on iPhone 3GS?

    Are my pix & contacts saved to my 3GS sim card automatically? Version 4.2.1. AT&T store will probably want to swap it, instead of doing a SW upgrade.
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    Still only have access to my AT&T 3GS, SW 4.2.1 & am unable to purchase apps. Sometimes when I email(Yahoo to doesn't matter) pics, I get a prompt asking me if I want them(pics) to be small, medium, large or actual. Anyway to make this a default setting or ask me EACH time? If more info. is...
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    Avatar for 3GS

    How do I upload an avatar using ONLY my handset & no apps? Can this be done? Can also supply more info. if needed. Thanks!
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    How do I save data to SIM card

    How do I save items(photos, contacts, yada yada yada) 2 my SIM Card?
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    What & where r "My Favorites" on my warranty exp'd, AT&T iPhone 3GS w/ SW 4.2.1? If it takes apps or ne-thing other than my handset, I won't b able 2 utilize it/them.