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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.4 Thread

    updating here too...
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    do you EVER turn off your iPhone?

    I can't remember the last time I turned it off.
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    Recent evidence suggests iPhone may cause sudden personality shifts.

    Rumor has it that we might see some form of tablet Mac (iTablet? lol) in 2008... bring the multitouch technology of the iPhone to a real small laptop - smaller than the MacBook... I read it recently on one of the rumor sites.
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    Release of leopard?

    I've been saying all along that new functionality is going to come to the iPhone only after Leopard hits the streets. That said, I'm not sure what you're asking. Leopard will be an OS upgrade, not an update. You'll have to go out and buy it... it won't be auto installed during a standard...
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    Loaner phone arrived, with a surprise

    Honestly, if you had called my mom I would have been pretty freaked out right there. You shouldn't have called ANYONE on her contact list -- you should have simply called Apple and reported what you discovered and then followed whatever instructions they gave you, whether that be to wipe it...
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    Does frequent "powering down" hurt your iPhone?

    Considering on any given day you are surrounded by electronic devices emitting some kind of electromagnetic, radio frequency, radiation, waves and zippity-zaps, I wouldn't be worried that you'll get testicular cancer from your iPhone. Between smog, polution, radiation and various poisons from...
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    Has your iPhone paid for itself yet?

    Dollars for dollars, it's hard to quantify exactly HOW much the iPhone has paid me back or whether it's paid for itself yet or not, but here's some examples of how it's saving me money... When I drove down to Florida recently I was able to keep in touch via email with work and family back home...
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    Woz signed my iPhone!

    I think it's awesome!
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    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    Lazy? Interesting choice of words. While it all appears glamorous and fun to those not in the industry, the amount of work that goes into writing and recording music is quite a lot (not to mention marketing, manufacturing, but that isn't the "signed" artist's job). It's also not just a matter of...
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    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    Unless she can actually prove her theory, it really just sounds like a lot of nonsense to me too. She also didn't exactly LOOK trustworthy with that little smirk and holding back laughing at the end of the video.
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    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    Sounds good to me.
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    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    I just watched it. She says she didn't do it. She says someone stole her online identity (one she uses for all her online activity) and just happened to share the same songs that she has on her computer, from the same IP address her ISP says she uses. The only possibility I see here is that...
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    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    Call it whatever you want, downloading MP3s that the artist/label didn't make available for free themselves is stealing. And call it whatever you want, making your MP3 library available online for others to download for free is also stealing, even if all those MP3s were originally purchased...
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    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    First off, I'm neither pro-RIAA nor anti-RIAA. I merely think stealing is wrong. If you think the industry has no moral compass, than don't support the music that you find objectionable. No one forces you to. When you see that "EXPLICIT" warning, move along. Regardless of whether the...
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    starbucks gift card free iTunes

    Anyone have a Bob Dylan card they are willing to give up? I don't want the song, I just want the card. I'm trying to collect every one and the first day is the only one I don't have so far...
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    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    Very well said Pounce... and I agree with you whole-heartedly.... ...there are so many layers that go into putting an album's worth of material out to the masses that most people don't even consider it. My husband IS a recording engineer/producer, musician and a VP of Sales for a CD/DVD...
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    3rd Party Apps Coming to iPhone with Apple's Blessing?

    I don't even have to read the article... I KNOW 3rd party apps will come. Search around in the "settings" of the phone and you'll see the possibility right there in front of you. In addition, Apple isn't stupid, they are just strict about their rules. We'll see more Apple apps first, then 3rd...
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    Has Anybody Addressed This Question Before ?

    Honestly, if you don't' want to use it as a phone you're better off exchanging it for an iPod Touch. You cannot do anything with it unless you activate with AT&T first... if you decide to mod or hack it, you could risk your ability to return it, or it working properly. That's the "official"...
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    Late October Releases from Apple

    I agree we'll see To-Do lists and Notes syncing -- it'll come in conjuntion with or after Leopard because the revamp of the Apple Mail app includes notes and to-do lists. It'll sync to the iPhone through Mail. I expect it'll also sync to Windows computers through Outlook (not Outlook Express)...
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    freezing problem/2nd, aim

    I pay about $150 for 3 phones (one iPhone) on 1 family account, all with unlimited texting, so I honestly don't think it's a bad deal.