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  1. muckymucky

    iPhone 3G's Front Face Camera Conspiracy via Gizmodo

    if been posted, please delete. but this topic over at gizmodo has become quite a heated debate: just wanted to hear the opinions of us over here~ love, rey
  2. muckymucky

    Where do you login?

    Is ETC missing a login button? forgive me if im wrong but i cant seem to find the login button? help? kkthxbai
  3. muckymucky

    APP REQUEST: iRecipe?

    running into a situation where im assigned to make dinner once in a while.. would be nice you wrote an app, maybe even a webapp (with the likes of but instead: food recipes. heres my idea of how it would work: Front page - Searchfield for recipe Second page - Recipe overview...
  4. muckymucky

    iPhone + Winter = Bad, What's an alternative to the stylus? (or even the $40 gloves?)

    winter just came abruptly here and gloves are necessarily worn. but everytime i gotta touch my iPhone, i gotta take off my gloves and expose them to the cold. now i've searched and found that the touchscreen is operated by a charge-mechanism and only thing that works is the $25 stylus, or the...
  5. muckymucky

    Need graphics to use with Customize™.app

    hey hey, im looking for graphics for (i.e. wifi bars, signal bars, battery images, keyboard artwork, highlist mask). i've only seen a handful on modmyiPhone and i even had to make a batch of the rainbow-signal-bar because i couldnt find a library of graphics to search in after i saw...
  6. muckymucky

    Mobilechat Upped the Ante, BEST AIM APP EVER!

    i just want to give them more publicity by mentioning them here: Today's update of Mobilechat has sky-rocketted every feature on the app. Mobilechat has upgraded in such a GREAT direction. i can see nothing but greatness oozing out of their developers. props to you. hey hey,no flaming.
  7. muckymucky

    How to uninstall Installer?

    i installed Installer on the phone through downloading the .exe on their website. now i know if i brickr was used to install installer, it can be completely deleted. but since it wasn't. how do u get rid of it without restoring? i don't want to accept "no" for an answer. need help, thank you.
  8. muckymucky

    Steve Jobs Watches G4

    watching the keynote to stare at his devil ass and he has G4 shows on his podcasts, weird, because i watch that channel's podcasts, and now the devil's also doing what im doing =*( stop stalking me steve jobs!
  9. muckymucky

    What number do you call?

    what number do you call to ask if u can get a refund?
  10. muckymucky

    AAPL dropped -4.88% as of 3:30pm, maybe i'll be happy when it dropped to -33.33%

    AAPL went from $144.16 @ ~10:00am to $136.76 @ ~3:30pm a -4.88% drop in their stocks. i cant find a remedy to my $200 worth of pain =*( maybe a -28.12% more from AAPL would do, lol sigh* only if thats possible.
  11. muckymucky

    petition for change to the dfference refund policy to 30 days.

    Im on my 20th day of the iPhone purchase. Anyone know how to legally petition for change for policy extension?