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  1. jlhollander

    MMS for Dev's before general public?

    So, Now on the beta 2, the AT&T carrier file has been updated to 4.5, beta 1 was 4.2, and the 3.0 GM is at 4.0, so with each update, an incremental update in the carrier file leads me to believe that Developers will be able to test the MMS before the general public?
  2. jlhollander

    Seidio Holster

    Just so everyone is aware... The Seidio Holster is now on sale for the 3G iPhone. It ships out next week, and it is available for pre-order now. They also have information about their innocase on their website, but you cant order it yet.
  3. jlhollander

    New Jawbone Headsets!

    has anyone else seen the new aliph jawbone headsets yet? Instead of being full of holes like the current models, they are solid facings and come in 3 different colors. White, black, and brown. there is a post to see pictures of them on gizmodo.
  4. jlhollander

    Manually Managing Music on your iPhone

    when you manually manage music, you can drag and drop music and videos onto your iPhone, and still sync everything else, like contacts, calander, photos, etc... but you will not be able to sync your music and videos. this allows you to connect your iPhone into 2, 3 or even 12 other computers to...
  5. jlhollander

    Agent 18 Case Mod

    So, I read in a post that it would be a good idea to cut out the tree logo on the back of the Agent 18 iPhone case, so you can see the Apple Logo behind it, and it worked out pretty good! I am at work right now, i work at The Home Depot, so i had all of the tools available to me, but i can't...
  6. jlhollander

    Something in the air...

    ...Maybe there will be an A2DP Profile update and the release of iPhones (wireless Apple headphones / bluetooth headset(s))
  7. jlhollander

    starbucks gift card free iTunes

    I don't know who else has seen this, but if you register this new starbucks gift card on their website, you can get two free iTunes downloads. And you can have up to 3 cards registered per person.