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  1. muckymucky

    Looking for Netshare Tether instructions for PC

    just curious, do u work for AT&T?
  2. muckymucky

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    Saranwrap until invisibleshield gets here~
  3. muckymucky

    Is your iPhone naked?

    Saranwrap: im sorry i wish i had another camera~ but saran wrap, working at its best. flawless until invisibleshield gets here. enjoy love, rey
  4. muckymucky

    All my apps crashing?

    It's some sort of DRM issue. In case none of that works, do this before you give up: delete the apps from iPhone. Sync with iTunes, sync every app back onto iPhone. All DRM should be fixed.
  5. muckymucky


    as far as i know, Loopt doesn't stalk you unless you press "update", as in it wont tell your friends or as we say on facebook: put an update item on your mini-feed. so just press home and loopt no longer does anything until the next time you open up the app, go to "what's up" and press update.
  6. muckymucky

    Is your iPhone naked?

    LOL me *raises hand* i ordered my InvisibleShield yesterday so 1 more week till that gets here. i first used the snacksize Ziplock bag + tape then today i switched to Saran Wrap and oh my, it makes my phone 100% sexier because i was really detailed and cut out holes and such. i recommend...
  7. muckymucky

    List Your Top 5 Favorite Apps

    1.Loopt 2.Spinner 3.AIM 4.FB (facebook) lol Google Maps with GPS pin. (cant stop watching my position pin move)
  8. muckymucky

    scratch protector for my 3G?

    me too~ ordered 3, 2 3G's 1 2G and that came with some sort of automatic discount of 30%, which means i got one of those for free. :D yey it comes in 2 weeks~
  9. muckymucky

    Must Have Apps

    LOOPT: if you have friends, you all can geotag yourself and it'll show your friends where you are by texting them to tell them you've updated. me and my girlie are using this to keep each other informed of where we each are~ WeDict: Dictionary with English and English-Chinese so far, a native app...
  10. muckymucky

    Be honest, how do you feel about your iPhone 3G?

    Location: Alameda/Oakland/Davis, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) Grabbed the White 16GB model on Friday after a 7 hour line: The phone is sexy (even tho its wrapped atm with saran wrap until the invisibleshield arrives) The 3G coverage works full bars in areas where you need it: i.e. at the...
  11. muckymucky

    3G data speeds suck?

    Location: Alameda/Oakland, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) on my way to work and during breaks, the phone jumps between E and 3G. and i have to say: its on 3G about 40% of the time with 3+ bars and when that happens, pages load quick, my Loopt works quick, downloading apps on 3G is quick and...
  12. muckymucky

    iPhone 3G's Front Face Camera Conspiracy via Gizmodo

    but you have to remember, before the iPhone, there was also not a huge population of mobile internet users that hopped on via phone because it was such a hassle at limited capabilities of other obsolete phones~
  13. muckymucky

    iPhone 3G's Front Face Camera Conspiracy via Gizmodo

    if been posted, please delete. but this topic over at gizmodo has become quite a heated debate: just wanted to hear the opinions of us over here~ love, rey
  14. muckymucky

    How can you be so rich and still no taste for dressing?

    psh, half the reason hes rich is because he keeps all his money and doesn't use it to by any new clothing, duh~ jk <3
  15. muckymucky

    3G vs Edge

    yes, think of it this way, its a pretty close analogy: EDGE = Dial up 3G = DSL then figure out the differnce there if you've experienced what dialup was like~
  16. muckymucky

    Logistics of Selling the iPhone in Anticipation of buying V2

    if iPhone 2 is anything similar to iPhone 1, then it all depends on if the phone is already activated. scenario 1: you take your iPhone 1 sim card out, stick it in brand new iPhone 2, might as well just activate the iPhone 2 with the sim that came with it (not yours) because the process...
  17. muckymucky

    Where do you login?

    Is ETC missing a login button? forgive me if im wrong but i cant seem to find the login button? help? kkthxbai
  18. muckymucky

    APP REQUEST: iRecipe?

    running into a situation where im assigned to make dinner once in a while.. would be nice you wrote an app, maybe even a webapp (with the likes of but instead: food recipes. heres my idea of how it would work: Front page - Searchfield for recipe Second page - Recipe overview...
  19. muckymucky

    iPhone + Winter = Bad, What's an alternative to the stylus? (or even the $40 gloves?)

    lol no, im looking to have my fingers unexposed also. i found this link on Modmyifone but it basicly makes a aluminum circuit out of a pencil and you MUST touch it with your skin to conduct the charge, so that doesn't work... i don't want skin exposed. even the $25 stylus, does anyone know if...
  20. muckymucky

    iPhone + Winter = Bad, What's an alternative to the stylus? (or even the $40 gloves?)

    winter just came abruptly here and gloves are necessarily worn. but everytime i gotta touch my iPhone, i gotta take off my gloves and expose them to the cold. now i've searched and found that the touchscreen is operated by a charge-mechanism and only thing that works is the $25 stylus, or the...