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  1. pcpilot

    Anyone from AT&T have theirs shipped out yet? Topic.

    Got my CSS from AT&T about an hour ago as well. Went back to check my order status and I now have a Fedex tracking number. There is no info when I track it as it probably hasn't been picked up by fedex yet.
  2. pcpilot

    blackra1n is released

    WIN SCP worked.....Thanks
  3. pcpilot

    blackra1n is released

    iPhoneBrowser Does Not See It As A Jail Broken iPhone The Blackra1n jailbreak worked fine for me. I can download and run Cydia apps with no problem. When I run the latest version of iPhoneBrowser it reports my iPhone as not being jailbroken. Does not show any of the system folders. Anyone else...
  4. pcpilot

    GEORGE HOTZ about to do it again

    LoL I feel the same way.
  5. pcpilot

    GEORGE HOTZ about to do it again

    Anyone try it yet?
  6. pcpilot

    how much $$ to switch to 32gb?

    It's 10 percent of the original price of the one your returning.
  7. pcpilot

    Share with us your 3GS activation story

    Same here. Called AT&T / iPhone support. They said the activation servers are all backed up. He couldn't give me a time frame.
  8. pcpilot

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    FDE = Fedex The tracking info will populate later on.
  9. pcpilot

    Who ordered from AT&T and have you got shipped date yet?

    I ordered from AT&T on the 9th. My 3GS status changed to shipped today. Called AT&T to confirm. Fedex will be here tomorrow :)
  10. pcpilot

    I want a new AT&T phone for Christmas

    Stay with an iPhone. Get the 3G. I have tried other phones and always comeback to the iPhone. You just can't beat it.
  11. pcpilot

    push might also "PULL"

    yes. I have noticed myself.
  12. pcpilot

    3G in NYC

    I'm not able to pull any data here in queens this morning. Either Edge or 3G.
  13. pcpilot

    Anyone having 3G issues in NYC

    Yeah having problems sending email and loading pages here on long island, ny too
  14. pcpilot

    weather app confused

    Yeah the weather app has been very confused the past week. I add a city click done and go back to it a day or so later and it's not there. It has been acting very weird lately.
  15. pcpilot

    Grand Central Invites

    You have PM........Thanks
  16. pcpilot

    Grand Central Invites

    I PM'd you with my email...Thanks
  17. pcpilot

    Grand Central Invites

    I would like one too please.
  18. pcpilot

    Multiple SMS Contacts Question

    Thanks to both of you.
  19. pcpilot

    Multiple SMS Contacts Question

    Sorry I tried to search this, but could not find it here. With the new multiple contacts per SMS does it count as 1 SMS if I include 5 people in the same message or will it go as 5 SMS messages? Thanks
  20. pcpilot

    im so depressed...i sold my 8gb iPhone

    I did the exact same thing in November. I went out and bought the Tilt and sold my 4GB iPhone. Now with all the cool updates coming out I started to get iPhone envy again. I went out yesterday and got an 8GB iPhone did the 1.1.3 update and I'm a happy man again. I put my Tilt up for sale!