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  1. gotnagel

    my iPhone got FRIED

    i hardly charge my iPhone through the wall charger.. i usually charge it through the computer because i noticed it charges faster do to the usb 2.0 i noticed my battery was died when i woke up in the morning, so i was too lazy to charge my iPhone on my computer and charged it through the wall...
  2. gotnagel

    I need information about unlocking the iPhone!

    Curois about UNLOCKing iPhone! I don't clearly understand the process. I have an unopened iPhone ready to unlock to any carrier. I can avoid the 2 year commitment with AT&T also, correct? Will this by-pass the Activation through iTunes? What are some programs? I now off iPhonesimfree and some...
  3. gotnagel

    300 pages iPhone bill? :eek: this is fking crazy.
  4. gotnagel

    Headache! At&t Misunderstood *read* Need Advice!

    Before I upgraded to a two year commitment with the iPhone, I called AT&T to make sure i still have my national $20.00 discount. They said i would have it because its AT&T giving the discount and APPLE has nothing to do it with. TODAY: My online billing statement was already to viewed, and AT&T...
  5. gotnagel

    How did you copy your contacts to your iPhone?

    I typed ALL of my contacts through Outlook and sync it to the iPhone. Anyone else?
  6. gotnagel

    How can I retrieve my Outlook contacts?

    I typed all of my contacts on Outlook to sync with the iPhone. I recently formated my computer, and i forgot to save my outlook phone contacts. Am i able to copy all my contacts from my iPhone back to my outlook/pc? If so, how?
  7. gotnagel

    I'm using a iPod wall charger! Good or bad?

    Does it matter if i use a ipod charger for my iPhone? or is it all the same? It's fully dead, and i don't have my original iPhone charger nor dock so i have to use a ipod charger. someone please confirm this! thanks in advance
  8. gotnagel


    MANY ERRORS! CHECK 6 of the photos! Does anyone know how to fix this? I get these errors when i first plug my iPhone onto its dock.. seems like there's a problem syncing.. is it my computer or the iPhone that is causing the problem?