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  1. Lunfai

    iPhone 6s What Was On Your Wishlist for iPhone 6S?

    I'll be trying the plus this time round. I was happy with the 6 battery and I can't wait to try the plus since I've heard only good things about the battery.
  2. Lunfai

    iPhone 6s What Was On Your Wishlist for iPhone 6S?

    Better battery but I guess we will have to wait. I'm sure the new phones are more energy efficient so it should yield around the same battery or maybe slightly even better.
  3. Lunfai

    iPhone 6s List the Things not Mentioned in The Keynote - 6s + iOS9

    Yepp just doesn't make sense when even the iPad Air 2 features a tri core processor and I highly doubt the A9 will sport a quad like the iPad Pro.
  4. Lunfai

    iPhone 6s List the Things not Mentioned in The Keynote - 6s + iOS9

    Because I tend to doubt what the apple support know and it just makes sense that the A9 has a tri core processor instead of a fabled quad. Even though he did state graphics or processor, I think the support agent was wrong. Also: P.s. Hi Honda haven't you seen for a while but that's because...
  5. Lunfai

    iPhone 6s List the Things not Mentioned in The Keynote - 6s + iOS9

    I think it's tri core. A little hard to believe they would jump to quad. The A9 should be comparable to the A8X.
  6. Lunfai

    MacBook Pro what is return policy for MBP?

    Always use a buyer guide for Apple products before purchasing an electronical item, some basic research will save you time. Sent using iCafe app
  7. Lunfai

    Who's getting iP5?

    The White 16GB is my new phone :P
  8. Lunfai

    Ibooks author

    I wouldn't bet on it, or at least for a while. It's kinda like people who want to code iPhone applications but are limited to Xcode. ): You'll probably need a mac to submit the book too /sigh
  9. Lunfai

    ask how to register app store without Mac

    To build and publish an app you need a developer account which is 99 dollars per year. Did someone build this application for you, or is one of your friends? Because most applications are built with x-code, which can only run on Mac OS X. In that case you should get them to register an developer...
  10. Lunfai

    MacBook Pro MBP or MBA?

    If you want a 11'' laptop for portability and just traveling a lot, then get a MacBook Air. For the price of the 13'' model, I would get a MBP instead since I think it's worthy jump for such a nice portable device too, but can handle tasks better. You're not going to get air weight, but it's...
  11. Lunfai

    Taking iPhone from USA to China?

    Depends If you can get to a retail Apple store, it'll be the only authorise seller in China as most mobiles stores will only sell contracted iPhones, the reason people if they sold the handset they wouldn't make any profit.
  12. Lunfai

    MacBook Pro Will a MBP bought in the USA work in the UK?

    As far as I'm aware there's no problems, you can select United Kingdom during set up. The only problem is the power adapter will not work, and you'll need to get a new one from an Apple store in UK. As far as software there's not really any difference, you can set it to UK localisation, not...
  13. Lunfai

    Contacts missing after update to OS 5.1

    I didn't backup my contacts with iCloud either, but it came back for me.
  14. Lunfai

    Contacts missing after update to OS 5.1

    Connect to a wifi or active 3G connection and just wait. It's because it's been synced in the iCloud and will reappear after its been re-synced. Don't worry, I had this same problem. Just open contacts leave the iPhone under active Internet connection for an hour and report back ^^.
  15. Lunfai

    Is Dropbox comparable to Evernote?

    I use it on my mac and windows very vividly, when I edit text documents I tend to save them vigorously in a public folder, and the files get automatically pushed into the cloud once saved. I do this with any web pages I'm working on or images so I can see how a browser renders it from a source...
  16. Lunfai

    Is Dropbox comparable to Evernote?

    Evernote as you mentioned is more of the note taking type of application where Dropbox is more of a cloud story system. You might be able to upload notes to Dropbox but it's not convenient uploading notes all the time on the handheld version rather than just using Evernote, however theres...
  17. Lunfai

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    If I told you how I came back alive I would have to kill you. And of-course I'll leave a review down for you chris :)
  18. Lunfai

    Official random thread

    Oh well we have Olympics this year so I guess we can let people around the world suffer how bad our weather is :P
  19. Lunfai

    Official random thread

    It's crap all the time anyway I vaguely remember the three days of heat we got last year, and that was it :( + people complaining that it was hot on those days. Eurghhhh
  20. Lunfai

    iPod won't connect to my WiFi?

    Try resetting the router sometimes my router doesn't assign an address to my iPhone and I have to reset the router to fix it, it connects but no data gets sent between, give it a try and post back ^^