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  1. frantl

    iPhone 5s Tracking Thread

    Beautiful case! Is that the Adopted case from the Apple store?
  2. frantl

    Who got their 4s tracking number?

    Just arrived! ! The dude just put it on my porch and left didn't even ring the doorbell. Good thing I was home and heard the truck. I thought we were supposed have to sign for it. Oh well, its here safe and sound.
  3. frantl

    My Phone Is Tracking!!

    Mine has been out for delivery since 5:48 this morning, so should be here any time now.
  4. frantl

    iOS 5 Released!

    My download completed, backed up my phone and started a restore, but it has been stuck on restore for about 30 to 40 minutes now. Shoot I have to leave for work soon.
  5. frantl

    iOS 5 Released!

    3 minutes.
  6. frantl

    iOS 5 Released!

    Second go round at 4 mins.
  7. frantl

    iOS 5 Released!

    Oh nooo! Mine was almost finished downloading and timed out.
  8. frantl

    iOS 5 Released!

    Updating here too!